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The Most Dangerous Cities In Georgia, According To FBI Statistics

In addition to having a thriving economy, a long history, and stunning scenery, Georgia is home to some of the nation’s most dangerous cities. Beneath the surface of its Southern hospitality, the state has its fair share of poverty-related issues and criminal activity, according to the most recent FBI statistics[1]. The FBI recently published a report on Georgia’s most hazardous communities, and the findings are alarming.

The City of College Park

The FBI report lists College Park, Georgia, as one of the state’s most hazardous cities. With a population of over 14,000, the city is situated just south of Atlanta and is the site of Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport. College Park has a high percentage of violent and property crimes despite its suburban vibe.

In contrast to the 1 in 293 US average, College Park residents have a 1 in 83 probability of becoming the victim of a violent crime, according to the FBI research. Theft of vehicles, larceny-theft, and burglaries are among the many property crimes that are common in College Park. With a rate of 7.4%, the city is in seventh place in the state for property crimes.

A city on Georgia’s coast, Brunswick is included among the state’s most dangerous cities. With a population of around 17,000, the city is the second-biggest coastal metro region in Georgia.

Brunswick is a famous tourist destination with charming Victorian-era homes, but it also has a high violent crime rate. According to the FBI data, Brunswick has a violent crime rate of 433 occurrences per 100,000 residents, making it the seventh most dangerous city in Georgia.

The FBI Discourages Ranking Locations

It’s crucial to remember that the FBI opposes using rankings or comparisons to assess how successful law enforcement is. Since crime is a societal phenomenon influenced by many different causes, direct comparisons between cities are not always possible.

Nonetheless, the FBI study offers insightful information about Georgia’s crime patterns and can assist law enforcement and legislators in making defensible choices regarding the state’s criminal justice system.

What Measures Are Being Taken to Reduce Crime in College Park, Georgia

In order to lower crime and enhance the standard of living for its citizens, College Park, Georgia, has implemented a number of initiatives. Among these actions are:

1. Neighborhood Watch Program: In collaboration with the College Park Police Department, the city of College Park hopes to establish a neighborhood watch program to make the neighborhood a safer place to live. The program’s objectives are to lower crime and raise locals’ standard of living. After they are formed, neighborhood watch groups meet frequently to discuss objectives, choose leaders, and delegate tasks.

2. Crime Prevention Training: To assist lower crime in the city, the city encourages citizens and companies to enrol in the ongoing Police Citizen training program. The initiative, which has been in place for the last five years, attempts to inform businesses and the general public about ways that they may avoid crime in their establishments.

3. Better Lighting: To reduce crime and enhance public safety, the city intends to upgrade the lighting surrounding city buildings and commercial establishments. Residents can feel safer in their areas and experience less fear of crime when there is more lighting.

4. Innovative Approaches to Crime Prevention: The city is thinking of innovative ways to prevent crime, like staffing video analysis centers to keep an eye on behavior as it happens. This can assist law enforcement in reacting to situations faster and deterring criminal activity.

5. Additional Policing Staff: In order to reduce crime and enhance public safety, the city intends to hire more policing personnel. This can enhance the standard of living for locals and lower the crime rate.

6. Marketing the City: In an effort to reach a younger, more contemporary audience, the city is starting a new branding campaign. This might draw in new companies and citizens, boosting the local economy and lowering crime rates.


Some of the most hazardous cities in the nation are located in Georgia, according to the most recent FBI figures. Brunswick and College Park have high rates of both property and violent crimes, making them two of the state’s most hazardous cities.

Although rating places or drawing comparisons is discouraged by the FBI, the report offers insightful information about Georgia’s crime trends. Using this data is crucial for law enforcement and lawmakers to make well-informed decisions about how to combat crime in the state and ensure public safety.

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