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The Dialectic of the Relationship Between Painting and Music

Music and plastic art originate from the core of one family, which are the fine arts that have begun to expand to include new...

Free Bird, The Story of an Answer From a Lover to his Sweetheart

Lynyrd Skynyrd is an American rock band and one of the founders of southern rock in the 1970s, a rock style influenced by country...

Hans Zimmer, Beyond Electronics and Classical Music

Hans-Florian Zimmer is a German composer and producer, born on 12 September 1957 in Frankfurt am Main, West Germany. To this day, the musical...

Jim Morrison … The American Rock Idol and The Cursed Poet

8th December 1943, in Melbourne, Florida, a dedicated prodigy child was born to be singer and poet co-founder of the American rock band The...
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