Migrants Use NJ Suburb as Transit Hub, Switching from Buses to Trains to Thwart NYC Crackdown

Thousands of asylum seekers are being dropped off in New Jersey and then traveling by rail to the Big Apple, so eluding Mayor Eric Adams’ crackdown on new immigrants. This wave of immigration is turning a family-oriented Garden State community into a center for people seeking asylum.

The Hudson County Executives Office notified the Secaucus Police Department and town officials on Saturday that four busses carrying migrants headed for New York had arrived at the Secaucus Junction train station, according to an official report.

The migrants were dropped off at the train station, according to Mayor Michael Gonnelli, and then they boarded trains to travel to New York City.

By transporting migrants to the rail station in Secaucus and letting them go on to their final destination, the bus operators seem to have devised a plan to get around the Executive Order’s provisions.

He claims that bus drivers have discovered a means to get around a recent directive and take advantage of a flaw in the system, which will allow the migrants to get to New York City.

Gonnelli went on to say that Mayor Adams’ criteria might be overly onerous and have unintended repercussions.

Recently, Mayor Eric Adams issued an executive order requiring charter bus firms to provide the city’s Emergency Management Office at least 32 hours’ notice before arriving in New York City when carrying migrants whose fares are paid for by a third party.

There is presently only one location for drop-offs in Manhattan, on West 41st Street between Eighth and Ninth Avenue. Drop-off hours are set for every day from 8:30 a.m. to 12 p.m.

Adams stressed the significance of preventing busses carrying people in need of assistance from arriving without warning at any time of day or night during a recent virtual press conference.

This not only puts individuals who have already endured so much more risk, but it also makes it more difficult for us to help them in a systematic way.

Adams cautioned that disobeying the new regulations might result in criminal prosecution, fines, legal action, and even the impounding of buses.

Two more busses showed up at the train station on Monday morning, and it appears they boarded trains bound for New York City, according to Secaucus Town Administrator Gary Jeffas.

Officially, the new regulations went into effect on Friday afternoon, according to City Hall. Now, police are keeping an eye on the drop-off location to make sure no buses arrive after the appointed hour.

Businesses that violate the executive order risk being charged with a class B misdemeanor. A maximum fine of $2,000 and a maximum three-month prison sentence are associated with this offense.

Adams underlined that the goal is to prioritize migrant safety and provide a well-organized arrival procedure rather than to stop people from entering.

Bus drivers are allegedly evading the new regulations by dropping off migrants at various transit hubs around the state, allowing them to take the train to New York City.

Spokesman for New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy’s office Tyler Jones claims that these families are mostly using New Jersey as a transit hub on their way to New York City.

We have been keeping an eye on a few buses that have recently arrived at several NJ TRANSIT train stations, transporting migrant families, he said.

Nearly all of them carried on toward their ultimate goal of arriving in New York City.

Jones claims that the administration is working with New York City and other federal and local partners.

The town’s mayor stated that similar events were occurring at other train stops throughout the state, according to reports received from the New Jersey State Police.

Gonnelli announced that he has learned that the State of New Jersey has created a strategy to deal with the predicament. He underlined how crucial it is that his office, police enforcement, and the County work closely together to monitor the issue.

The emergency management agency has reported that multiple buses from different regions in Texas and one from Louisiana had arrived at various transit terminals in the state, per a statement posted on Jersey City’s official X account. Trenton, Fanwood, Edison, and Secaucus are some of these stations.

Several busses from various regions in Texas and one from Louisiana have already arrived in transit stations throughout the state, including Secaucus, Fanwood, Edison, and Trenton, according to our JC emergency management.

The article said that since Saturday, 397 migrants had arrived at those places.

As per the latest figures released by City Hall, 161,500 asylum seekers have entered the busy metropolis of New York City since Spring 2022.

Numerous migrants have been bussed to New York City in compliance with an order from Texas Governor Greg Abbott. Adams introduced new guidelines last month with the intention of limiting migrant arrival times to prioritize their safety as a result of these measures.

Currently housing approximately 68,000 refugees, the city’s shelter system is dealing with a major surge of asylum seekers. Up to 2025, this condition is predicted to cost more than $12 billion.

A City Hall spokeswoman claimed that the Texas governor was accused of utilizing asylum seekers as political pawns and creating problems with coordination across the country.

The spokesperson emphasized, according to The Post, how New York City has led the way in providing compassion, care, housing, and other resources in response to the country’s humanitarian disaster.

One of the most important steps in putting migrant safety and welfare—as well as the wellbeing of city employees who receive them—first is Executive Order 538.

Similar rules were put into effect by the administration of Chicago last month, and Adams has since followed suit. However, disobedience is a problem for both cities.

An incident involving the sudden departure of a group of about thirty to forty migrants from a Kankakee, Illinois gas station parking lot was reported by Illinois authorities last month. They had been misled by the bus drivers into believing they had reached Chicago.

Kankakee is situated far from the busy city core, around sixty miles outside of Chicago.

According to the Kankakee County Sheriff’s Office, the Illinois State Police (Troop 5) and the Kankakee Police Department promptly responded to a report on December 21 regarding a disturbance at the petrol station.

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