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Miami unlicensed motorist who killed 1 in hit-and-run served time for fleeing police

The West Miami-Dade woman charged with causing a fatal crash while acting as a getaway driver hasn’t had a driver’s license since 2017, has served time for fleeing police and grand theft auto and owes more than $3,000 in traffic fines.

Dymariz Picon’s escape from police and car theft on March 6, 2019, lost her a year of freedom. According to an arrest report, Picon, 28, killed 34-year-old Daniel Garcia on Friday morning.

Picon faces six felony charges following her first appearance on Saturday: vehicular homicide; habitually driving without a license; driving without a license, causing death or serious injury; fleeing and eluding police at high speed, causing injury or death; leaving the scene of a crash with serious bodily injury; and leaving the scene of a crash with death.

According to the arrest record, a Miami-Dade Schools Police officer learned about a probable robbery at 8200 Coral Way. When the officer flashed his lights at a 2016 Nissan pickup truck, it did not stop and the officer was disoriented in a Westchester neighborhood. However, the westbound Nissan pickup truck failed to stop for a stop sign at Southwest 21st Terrace and 92nd Street, colliding with a southbound GMC van and crashing into five parked cars.

Garcia, who was in the Nissan, had died. Two persons in the GMC vehicle were critically injured and were rushed to the hospital. The driver and a guy passenger in the Nissan fled. The report does not specify how officers determined Picon was the driver. They did state she was found and confessed at Miami-Dade police headquarters on Friday night.

Picon will be under “level 1 total lockdown,” house arrest at her Tamiami neighborhood home with an electronic monitor if she posts the $275,000 bond. A “no driving order” will also be in effect.

However, there has been a no-drive order in the form of license suspensions since at least August 14, 2017.

Miami unlicensed motorist who killed 1 in hit-and-run served time for fleeing police

Driving having her driving privileges revoked

According to online records, Picon’s license was suspended on that date after she failed to pay the $504 fine for driving without a license in 2015. On that ticket, she now owes $544.70.

Picon began her streak of being ticketed, convicted, not paying, and driving while it was moving through the courts.

On March 6, 2017, I was ticketed for driving without a license and transferring a license tag without a license. She was penalized $504 for the former, bringing her total to $655. She was also fined $25 for failing to attend a hearing.

On March 5, 2019, she was found guilty of knowingly driving without a license; no driver’s license; three counts of following too closely; three counts of failure to stop at a light; two counts of improper U-turn; and two counts of failure to use turn signals, in addition to willfully fleeing law enforcement, grand theft auto, and resisting arrest without violence.

Picon was sentenced to 366 days in state prison and 424 days in Miami-Dade Corrections on September 2, 2020. She received credit for 395 days of service.

Picon was fined $310 for exceeding 60 mph in a 40 mph zone on June 25, 2019. Or it would have if she had paid it. It can cost up to $403 in late fees.

Picon was penalized on September 12, 2019, for having no driver’s license and driving without a seat belt. Both were dropped, but she was ordered to pay $50 in court costs.

Picon was penalized by Miami-Dade police on January 26, 2021, for no evidence of insurance, a faulty turn signal, no registration, and no seat belt. Each ticket costs $145 and can be purchased for a total of $188.50. She was also designated as a repeat offender for driving without a license.

On November 19, 2022, I was discovered driving without a license for the second time, this time in Coral Gables, and I was convicted of habitually driving without a license. She has yet to pay her $603 fine in this case.

That’s $3,034.70.

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