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Georgia Eatery Named ‘Most Expensive Restaurant’ In The Entire State

The aesthetics of dining experiences are quite important. Imagine enjoying delicious food while taking in the stunning scenery. There’s this hidden culinary gem in the middle of Atlanta that combines the best of nature’s artistic beauty with delicious food.Situated beside the river, Canoe has been named Georgia’s Most Beautiful Restaurant overall.

The Setting

Canoe’s charm is found in both its menu and its charming setting. Tucked away at 4199 Paces Ferry Road SE, this eatery provides a calm diversion from the busy metropolis. A feeling of peace, soft water sounds, and an abundance of vegetation welcome you as soon as you enter the property. With its magnificent backdrop provided by the Chattahoochee River, the atmosphere is almost surreal.

Culinary Excellence

Canoe’s gastronomic offerings are exceptional, even putting beauty aside. Talented chefs oversee the kitchen, producing aesthetically spectacular and palatable dishes. Each plate is an artistic creation here. The attention to detail is apparent whether you’re enjoying a romantic meal or their famous brunch. Seasonal, fresh ingredients take center stage, and the tastes blend together perfectly.

Brunch with a View

The brunch experience at Canoe is quite remarkable. Picture yourself drinking mimosas as the sun plays across the water’s surface. The patio is outside and has tasteful furniture that makes you want to stay around. With dishes like smoked salmon benedict and fluffy pancakes, the brunch menu offers something for every palate. It makes sense that Canoe has been named among America’s top brunch destinations.

Celebrating Special Moments

For an anniversary, birthday, or just to make memories that will last a lifetime, Canoe offers a perfect environment. Embraced by weeping willows, the riverfront gazebo has hosted innumerable proposal moments and tender celebrations. Fairy lights flicker as twilight approaches, illuminating the water with a mystical radiance. Time seems to stop when romance blossoms.


Canoe is a tribute to the perfect coexistence of food and environment in the heart of Georgia, where culinary artistry meets breathtaking natural beauty. It’s an experience rather than merely a restaurant. So, head to Canoe the next time you’re looking for a place to eat that’s a step beyond the norm. Allow the river to transport you to a location where flavor and beauty converge, leaving you with lasting memories long after the final meal.


  • Location: 4199 Paces Ferry Road SE, Atlanta, Georgia
  • Cuisine: Elevated American
  • Ambiance: Riverside serenity
  • Signature Dish: Brunch delights
  • Accolades: Most Beautiful Restaurant in Georgia

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