Congressman Van Drew Calls on Governor Murphy and Secretary Mayorkas for Explanation on Transportation of Unauthorized Immigrants into New Jersey

Over the weekend, many law enforcement officers notified Congressman Van Drew that 10 busses carrying illegal migrants had arrived in the state of New Jersey from Texas and Louisiana.

The Hudson County Executives Office notified the Secaucus Police Department and municipal officials this morning that multiple buses transporting migrants en way to New York had arrived at the Secaucus Junction train station. It is expected that four busses arrived in total at the time of writing. On December 30, the first bus arrived in the morning. The migrants took trains to New York City after being left off at the train station.

Eric Adams, the mayor of New York, acted by issuing an executive order that sets down guidelines for the arrival and departure of migrants in the city by bus. According to these regulations, bus operators are now required to provide the Commissioner of Emergency Management at least thirty-two (32) hours’ notice prior to their arrival. Furthermore, drop-offs can only occur on weekdays between 8:30 a.m. and noon. Fines and the impounding of the bus are possible outcomes of breaking these rules.

Mayor Gonnelli stated that it seems the bus operators have figured out a means to go around the rules outlined in the Executive Order. He made the suggestion that Mayor Adams’s criteria would be overly onerous and have unintended repercussions. By dropping them off at the train station in Secaucus, the bus operators appear to have found a way around the system to convey migrants to their primary goal, New York City. State Police reports indicate that rail stations throughout the state are currently witnessing this activity.

Mayor Gonnelli declared that he has been made aware of the State of New Jersey’s strategy and that he will be actively monitoring the situation in close coordination with the Governor’s office, police enforcement, and the County. For now, it seems that train tickets are being organized for the migrants, who are moving closer to their goal. Gonnelli stressed how critical it is to keep a close eye on this scenario.

Congressman Van Drew intends to question Governor Murphy and Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas of the Department of Homeland Security this week about the possible transfer of additional buses transporting undocumented immigrants to New Jersey.

There are other factors that are contributing to the current issue besides Governor Murphy’s disregard for the safety and security of people of New Jersey. This terrible circumstance has also been greatly exacerbated by the border policies of the Biden administration. Due to Secretary Mayorkas’ careless management of the border, it collapsed and was overrun. It is essential that he responds to the worries of New Jerseyans. We want to know if the administration intends to send additional buses to our state, how much it will cost taxpayers, and what measures it has in place to handle the constant stream of migrants arriving at the border. I will be writing to Secretary Mayorkas and Governor Murphy to seek answers to these important concerns in an attempt to hold them responsible.

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