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5 Idaho Towns Residents Are Desperately Leaving Behind- Shocking Report!

Known for its potatoes, fish, stones, and rural vistas, Idaho used to be one of the states in the Union with the quickest growth rates. According to The Idaho Capital Sun, the state experienced 1.8% population growth in 2022—the second-highest rate in the nation, only surpassed by Florida. But the state’s population growth has considerably slowed down since the pandemic’s peak. This is unexpected given that the population increased at an astounding 17.32% annual rate between 2010 and 2020.

For a variety of reasons, people have been migrating to Idaho during the last ten years. The robust job market, which as of 2021 has a low unemployment rate of 3.9%, is one important contributing element. According to US News, Idaho actually took first place for economic growth and placed fourth for budgetary stability. Towns in Idaho also have much more cheap costs of living than many other places in the country. In addition, the state’s reputation for safety—which includes low crime rates—draws visitors. Idaho’s stunning natural surroundings and shorter commutes further contribute to its allure as a desirable place to call home.

Even with all the good things about Idaho, many are opting to move away from some places and settle elsewhere. We shall explore the reasons for people’s decision to leave these particular Idaho communities in the parts that follow.

Idaho Towns Experiencing Population Decline: A Closer Look

Town Population Change Key Reasons for Leaving Additional Notes
Boise -0.6% Limited housing options, high property taxes, growing pains of a thriving city Vibrant city with rich cultural scene and attractive to outdoor enthusiasts
Mackay -15% Closure of copper mines, limited economic opportunities, isolation Previously named after the owner of local copper mines
Dubois -6.14% Economic uncertainty, limited career options, remoteness Increased median household income despite population decline
Moore Data not available Likely similar factors to other towns (listed above) Located in a beautiful but potentially challenging geographic area


The state’s small city of Aberdeen saw a sharp decrease in population from the 2010s to the 2020s. The state’s population increased overall, but Aberdeen’s population fell by more than 11%. There are 1,797 people living in the city as of right now, 60% of them are white and 40% are people of color. Aberdeen is a municipality that values families, as evidenced by the nearly 49% of homes that have a child in Aberdeen who is eighteen years old or younger. Moreover, married couples make nearly 60% of Aberdeen homes. Given its relatively modest size and elevation of more than four thousand feet, the city’s 11% population reduction was noteworthy.


The stunning and enthralling town of Boise, tucked away in the center of Idaho, is waiting for curious travelers. For those looking for something new and unforgettable, this hidden treasure is a must-visit location because of its colorful atmosphere and gorgeous scenery.

The magnificent capitol building of Boise is one of its most notable characteristics. Towering and majestic, it rises tall as a testament to the importance and rich history of the town. The architecture is stunning, with minute details and an air of classic beauty. Regardless of your interest in history or your simple appreciation of stunning sites, the capital building is bound to make an impression.

For those who enjoy the outdoors and the great outdoors, Boise is a paradise. Encircled by magnificent mountains and an abundance of vegetation, the town provides an abundance of chances for hiking, biking, and experiencing the great outdoors. The town’s natural splendor will enthrall you whether you choose to conquer the trails or just take a leisurely stroll along the Boise River Greenbelt.

Boise is known for its natural beauty as well as its vibrant arts and entertainment scene. Numerous theaters, museums, and art galleries may be found in the downtown area, exhibiting the town’s artistic ability. Every art enthusiast can appreciate something, from local shows to contemporary masterpieces.


Situated in the scenic Custer County Salmon-Challis National Forest, Mount McCaleb is close to Mackay, Idaho.

The city of Mackay, which is a part of Custer County, saw a notable drop in population. The little town’s population fell from 517 to 439 in 2020, a fifteen percent decline from 2019. John William Mackay, the proprietor of the nearby copper mines, is honored by the town’s name. His name is attached to Mackay Peak in the White Knob Mountains in recognition of his achievements.


The city of Dubois, which is situated in Clark County, contributed significantly to the population decrease that took place in 2019 and 2020. Clark County saw a significant drop in population during this time, falling by 19.6%. There was a 6.14% decline in population within Dubois. Nonetheless, the median household income increased from about $34,000 to $41,000 in spite of the population reduction.

Dubois residents own three cars on average, and their journey to work takes them thirty minutes on average. Dubois also functions as Clark County’s county seat. A well-known politician who was influential in the late 1800s and early 1900s is honored with the city’s name. Remarkably, six miles outside the village is the U.S. Sheep Experimentation Station, which conducts research on sheep to aid American farmers.


Idaho provides a magnificent environment for individuals looking for peace and quiet because of its bleak landscapes and freezing temperatures. The essence of a serene day in this alluring state is captured in this color photograph. Idaho has everything you could possibly need, whether your goal is to escape the rush and bustle of the big city or you just want a change of scenery. It’s the perfect place for anyone looking for a quiet getaway because of its pristine natural beauty and tranquil atmosphere. So why not travel to this amazing state and experience Idaho’s breathtaking beauty for yourself?

Why Are People Leaving Idaho?

In recent years, Idaho has become a more sought-after destination for relocation. Its nickname, “The Gem State,” is well-earned given its abundance of parks, breathtaking natural settings, low tax rate, and reasonably priced cost of life. According to United Van Lines, Idaho rated in the top ten locations to move to every year from 2014 to 2021, finally taking the top spot in 2019 and 2020. Six unique causes were found in a poll performed in 2022 by the 107.9 Lite FM Radio station to find out why people choose to leave Idaho.

Family and Health Reasons

Families were mentioned by several as being important considerations in their relocation decisions. People who were interviewed by the radio station claimed that they left Idaho in order to be nearer to their loved ones. People were looking for ways to be close to their relatives throughout the pandemic, and this trend was not unique to Idaho. It was seen around the country. As a matter of fact, in 2021, the majority of respondents (57%) claimed that their top reason for leaving Idaho was family, and 37% specifically cited this as their primary reason.

The decision to leave Idaho was heavily impacted by the welfare of the individuals and their families. Idaho was affected by the pandemic as it spread over the world. Seven percent of Idahoans choose to leave the state in 2020 because of personal or family health issues. Likewise, five percent of people departed the state for the same reasons in 2021.

Employment and Cost of Living

Jobs in Idaho are another factor that makes the state a desirable place to relocate. Even though Idaho has a low unemployment rate, people may still choose to move careers or look for employment opportunities outside of the state. This shift has been made simpler by the advent of remote employment, which allows people to work from any location. Remarkably, natives have grown tired of paying outrageous rental costs, which has contributed to the state’s attraction to outsiders.


Retirement is a major reason why individuals move out of Idaho. Indeed, more than 42 percent of people who moved out of Idaho in 2022 were 65 years of age or older. It is noteworthy that states like Florida, Delaware, West Virginia, Missouri, and Mississippi are among the most sought-after locations for retirement. Given that Idaho is listed by the Business Review as the fourth most inexpensive state for retirement, this data is fascinating. The only states where Idaho was less expensive were Utah, Montana, and Wyoming.

A Change of Environment

A radio station poll revealed that nine percent of those who moved from Idaho did so purely for the purpose of getting a change of scenery. Some people appear to be tired of the laid-back lifestyle in Idaho and are drawn to larger cities that provide a wider variety of cultures, climates, and employment opportunities. It’s interesting to note that in 2021, 20% of people who left Idaho said they felt they needed a change of scenery.


In conclusion, the exodus of residents from five Idaho towns is a clear indication that significant challenges are facing these communities. From economic decline and lack of job opportunities to limited access to healthcare and educational resources, the reasons for leaving are varied but equally pressing.
It is evident that proactive measures need to be taken by local authorities and stakeholders to revitalize these towns and make them more attractive places to live. By addressing issues such as infrastructure development, employment opportunities, and essential services, there is hope for a brighter future for these communities. It is crucial for both residents and decision-makers to collaborate in finding solutions that will reverse the trend of population decline and ensure the long-term sustainability of these Idaho towns.

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