This Wednesday, January 6, several individuals stormed the United States Capitol to defend Donald Trump . One of the protagonists of this story is Jake Angeli , the man with a body full of tattoos and an outfit of bison fur and horns.

This character is an aspiring actor from Arizona , although he has already done a few roles in music and radio. Angeli is one of the most loyal followers of Donald Trump and the QAnon movement, a conspiracy theory against Democrats and Hollywood characters that mixes Satanism and pedophilia.



Angeli considers himself a shaman and in consecrating circles he is known as Q-Shaman. The FBI has classified this movement as a “potential threat of domestic terrorism.”

The individual calls himself “Yellowstone Wolf” on his YouTube channel , where he argues that there is an alleged network of child pornography and child sex trafficking run by the Democrats , among other ideas of the movement. In November, he was interviewed by Agencia Efe , where he described himself as “the chosen one sent by QAnon”.

It is compared to Jesus or Gandhi

“My duty is to inform the community of the different scandals that the Democratic Party hides, such as human trafficking, interference in the United States government, or electoral fraud against Trump,” he revealed to the Efe Agency.

“We are facing the global narrative that Biden won through civil disobedience, as Gandhi, Jesus, or Martin Luther King did,” he  concluded in an interview in November in which he wore his face painted with the American flag. 

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