Who is Papa Mochi? Is It Jimin? BTS Army Show love for James Corden for supporting ‘BE’

James Corden had asked BTS about their nickname in February 2020 while revealing that he already knew Jimin’s nickname which was Papa Mochi

Who is Papa Mochi , Is It Jimin BTS Army Show love for James Corden for supporting 'BE'
Who is Papa Mochi_ Is It Jimin_ BTS Army Show love for James Corden for supporting ‘BE’ (Photo by Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic)

James Corden feature sector, ‘Carpool Karaoke’ from his preferred talk show ‘The Late Program with James Corden’, is just one of the most well-known sections on the web where we see global celebrities their honest finest while driving around in the city. BTS had joined the show host in the very same enjoyable segment in February 2020. When they recently came on the program to execute their new song ‘Life Goes On’ from their brand-new album ‘BE (Deluxe Version),’ followers got nostalgic. Also, they began using the then-popular term ‘Papa Mochi’ on Twitter By BTS ARMY.

For the unversed, while having a gala time in the cars and truck, Corden had asked BTS concerning their label in February while revealing that he currently understood Jimin’s brand, which was ‘Mochi.’ Responding to it cutely, Jimin in return called Corden ‘Papa Mochi’ to which Corden replied with ‘Papa Mochi’ as released by Allkpop. The carpool interaction ended up being funny after they utilized these terms numerous times as part of their conversation. All of a sudden, the Internet got hold of the word ‘Papa Moachi’, and also it was quickly trending worldwide on Twitter. BTS Army, who appears to be stressed with the name currently, said thanks to Corden for bringing BTS on the show again while using the term “Papa Mochi.” Remarkably, the talk show’s official Twitter account now says: “The Late Program with Papa Mochi.”

Papa Mochi Trending on Twitter as BTS Army call James Corden ‘proud father’ 


K-pop young boy team BTS recently dropped an excellent music video on YouTube of their new song ‘Life Takes place.’ While BTS unleashed their too prepared for the album ‘BE (Deluxe Edition)’ on November 20, the Jungkook-directed video, with its highlighted track ‘Life Goes On,’ has been obtaining a great deal of love from fans given that its launch. In less than 24 hours, the new aesthetic got to almost 70 million sights on the platform, getting 67,726,262, according to a record by Soompi. Although ARMY– BTS’ fandom– would undoubtedly have a whole lot to do with the numbers, the famously dedicated BTS fandom is mentioning the turning point has more to do with pure love for the song as well as the video clip itself than any attempt to break records.

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