A squirrel in Minnesota bit off more than he could chew last week when he accidentally ate a fermented pear and became intoxicated and drunk

Squirrel gets drunk while eating fermented pears left outside Minnesota woman home, VIDEO!
Squirrel gets drunk while eating fermented pears left outside Minnesota woman home, VIDEO! / Credit: Giedriius _ Shutterstock

A female in Inver Grove Levels, Minnesota, obtained a video of a squirrel outside her residence who inadvertently got a little sloshed from consuming fermented pears.


The squirrel starts to tip over in the video clip after that balances itself before obtaining dazed once again.

It happened last Friday. Katy Morlok said feeding the squirrels has become her hobby because it provides her something to beware of the window while she’s functioning from the house, but she did not mean to get the squirrel intoxicated.

Morlok informed FOX 9 she was cleaning out her refrigerator and came across some old pears. She looked up whether they were ok for squirrels to consume and placed one outside in the bowl she goes on her deck for the pets. One of her frequent visitors, a squirrel she calls “Lil Red,” ordered the pear and also fled up the tree.

About a hr later on, the squirrel returned. Morlok said she saw it was acting amusing and also tipping back a bit.

” And after that it kind of dawned on me … oh no, those pears were so old I wager they fermented,” Morlok said. “And then he got drunk as well as I did not mean to do that, so I headed out and I got hold of all the pears.” She had put out the pears’ remainder after the squirrel took the initial one because she thought he liked them.

Morlok said she was fretted about the squirrel all night, but it appeared great the next day.

” In the morning, he returned for his little hangover breakfast as well as he’s been great since,” she stated.

The video clip of the tipsy squirrel currently has more than 5,000 sights and caught the interest of the DailyMail.

This is not the very first time a video clip Morlok has published has gone viral. She additionally has a pet pig named Community. A video clip she took of Hamlet as a pig attempting to drop the staircases went viral regarding 9 years back.

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