South Seminole hospital Released a police officer who rushed into a burning home to rescue his two sons last Friday morning after suffering second-degree burns

South Seminole hospital Released Police officer Anthony Louie After rescues His Sons From Burning Home
South Seminole hospital Released Police officer Anthony Louie After rescues His Sons From Burning Home / newson6

Anthony Louie a Police officer that hurried into a burning residence to rescue his two sons last Friday morning was just recently released from South Seminole hospital after suffering second-degree burns, according to newson6.


Policeman Anthony Louie stated he didn’t understand it was his own home on fire until he arrived on the scene.

” It contained smoke so that you could see nothing,” son Thomas Louie said. Video from a next-door neighbor shows the flames’ glow as Police officer Louie shows up on the scene and makes his way inside.

” I was simply covered in a fireball as well as I was up to the ground,” Anthony Louie stated. “I began shouting for my kids,”

Louie said he discovered his two kids in the kitchen area and obtained them out via the back entrance.

Thomas, 14, and also AJ, 7, were safe. However, their papa experienced second-degree burns to his arms and the ideal side of his face, and he hit the road to South Seminole Hospital.

” To feel your entire body ablaze, and your uniform to be just essentially glued to you, it was extreme,” Louie claimed.

” We wouldn’t have made it out if he wouldn’t have come through the door,” Thomas Louie claimed.

Louie claimed it was one of his eight years’ most challenging minutes as a law enforcement officer.

He never believed he would certainly need to be saving his very own children. ” You go on responsibility. We’re o. We’re everybody else whenever we’re functioning,” Louie stated.

“Never I assumed it would certainly be my residence at all.” Policeman Louie was launched from South Seminole hospital after four days as well as rejoined with his family.

Their house is a failure. However, he claimed they had received frustrating support from the area. ” It’s Seminole,” Louie claimed.

“Might be a village, however; everybody has a huge heart, and also, I just could not think the assistance,” Louie claimed he hopes to be working once again immediately.

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