NYC Care couple Jeffrey Newman and Jayson Conner behind homeless nonprofit Backpacks for the Street has given out 10,000 backpacks during COVID-19

2 NYC Care guys Jeffrey Newman and Jayson given 10,000 filled backpacks to homeless during COVID-19
2 NYC Care guys given 10,000 filled backpacks to homeless during COVID-19 / Backpacks For The Streets

It’s their method helpful a city in situation carries on. Considering that March, the couple behind homeless nonprofit Backpacks for the Street has given out 10,000 knapsacks– having more than 180 gallons of sanitizer, over 16,000 masks, and also upwards of 2,000 meals– to one of the most in-need New Yorkers. 2 NYC Care guys Jeffrey Newman and Jayson Conner’s generosity also extends to displaced animals, which they’ll help when they can. “


We have been on the front lines of COVID-19 now since the moment it struck, functioning 15-hour days, seven days a week to help the homeless,” Newman, 52, told The Post of his and 42-year-old fiancé Conner’s outreach group. They began Backpacks in 2018; however, they enormously boosted engagement after the coronavirus pandemic started in March. “

With the ramp-up of COVID as well as winter season, we are not decreasing either,” Newman added.

The pair work out of a U-Haul storage center on Houston Road as well as disperse their possibly life-saving offerings by van.

They know firsthand how tough it is right currently for those without sanctuary: When the two met 17 years earlier, Conner was homeless himself.

2 NYC Care guys Jeffrey Newman and Jayson given 10,000 filled backpacks to homeless during COVID-19
Jeffrey Newman and Jayson Conner / Backpacks For The Streets

” I understand the shame they’re going through. it harms,” One of 2 NYC Care guys, Conner informed ABC Information as the coronavirus started closing down the city over the summertime. “I understand the discomfort that they’re experiencing.”

As well as the pandemic has made it worse than ever

” Individuals that are homeless, they feel unseen, to begin with,” one of the 2 NYC Care guys Newman, claimed. “Like they don’t matter. And also, COVID-19 only magnified that.

Individuals treat them like the disease.” The team underscored that in a current Instagram blog post. They highlighted a homeless man called Dwayne that felt the organization goes better than various other groups by providing emotional support, not merely physical supplies.

” Other firms do not follow up, and no one looks you in the eyes and also speak to you. Every person patronizes you and treats you like you don’t matter as well as makes you feel useless,” claimed Dwayne, that has gotten on the streets considering that the beginning of the pandemic. He added that Backpacks’ aid “is the very first time it seems like somebody cares about us and wants to aid.”

The backpacks, Newman as well as Conner said, supply people not just assorted crucial things– consisting of socks, protein-rich treats, womanly health items, sewing sets, canned dog food, cloth face masks, and baby wipes– however likewise the capacity to see a brighter future and hold out till it gets here.

2 NYC Care guys given 10,000 filled backpacks to homeless during COVID-19
Credit: backpacksforthestreet Instagram

” Things about these knapsacks is, it gives dual hope NYC Care as well,” Conner told ABC. “It’s not mosting likely to treat homelessness yet it gives them the beginning start– of hope … I’m astonished how that little minute of mankind as well as concern as well as dignity adjustments a person’s life.”

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