Prosecutors said Kat West fought with Jeff West in text messages over her relationship with her mother-in-law, Judge Bill Bostick will be able to see those text messages

Kat West text to husband Jeff West ‘You’re throwing almost 14 years of marriage away’
Kat West text to husband Jeff West: ‘You’re throwing almost 14 years of marriage away’

In the days leading up to Calera’s death, better half, mommy, and also on-line exhibitionist Kat West, text in between the couple showed the frustration of her marriage with her husband Jeff West.


Jurors on Thursday, the 3rd day of testimony in the murder trial of her partner Jeff West, saw screenshots of text in between the couple, one from December and also much more in the week or so before Kat West’s partially-nude body was discovered outside the couple’s Greenwood Circle house.

On Jan. 4, 2018, Kat West texted her hubby, “I understand you’re frightened to inform me you do not wish to be with me, yet it’s just hurting me more by existing.” She likewise composed, “If you do not desire me to claim it.” Jeff West replied, “Infant, I want you. Do you want me? We never spoke after NYE.”

Though the jury does not know the context which triggered the texts, it was clear the marital relationship was dissonant.

On Jan. 6, 2018, “This is the last time you will certainly guck (sic) me over. You guaranteed,” Kat West created. “You don’t desire me fine. Someone will.” Jeff West responded, “I constantly desire you.” Likewise, on that date, she wrote, “You’re throwing almost 14 years of marriage away, Truly? That’s what I indicate to you.”

At one factor, Kat West sent her spouse an emoji of the center finger. Afterward, throughout the conversation, she composed “Quit texting.”

Also Thursday, forensic witnesses testified concerning proof and checked from the West home and the area where her body was discovered.

Hannah Payne, a researcher with the Alabama Division of Forensic Sciences, stated she obtained about 40 products from the scenes to refine for blood and also DNA proof.

Payne said that two swabs are drawn from the bottom of a Lucid Absinthe container, the one district attorneys say was used to kill Kat West, checked favorable for Kat West’s blood. Also, testing advantageous for Kat West’s blood was a towel drawn from the couple’s master washroom and a white storage tank top cops got from the clothes hamper.

Payne said there was no other way to tell how much time the blood stains might have been on the towel and the container top under cross-examination.

Calera police detective Sgt. Mike Mehlhoff, in addition to reading the couples’ text out loud for the court, also spoke about various other forensics discovered on Kat West’s phone, which included the phone’s Health App, showing the variety of steps she took, or where her phone was, the night authorities think she was killed.

The last time her phone moved, according to the data, was at 10:54 p.m. and recorded 87 actions.

Data from the ADT alarm showed the front door to the West home opened at 10:53:01 p.m. on Jan. 12, 2018, as well as shut at 10:53:11 p.m. It opened up once again at 1:51:46 a.m. and remained open till 4:12:45 a.m., at which time it closed.

Authorities have formerly indicated they responded to the scene soon after 5 a.m. Mid-day testimony returned to concerning 1:15 p.m. Jurors then began enjoying a 90-minute video in which Calera private investigators doubt Jeff West at the police station.

This write-up will certainly be upgraded, adhering to the verdict of Thursday’s court proceedings.

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