James G. Fitzmaurice Hudson Valley union president is accused of stealing over $150,000 while serving as president of a local educational program

Hudson Valley Union President Stole over $150,000, POLICE Accused James G. Fitzmaurice
Hudson Valley Union President Stole over $150,000, POLICE Accused James G. Fitzmaurice / Credit: andriano.cz _ Shutterstock

Hudson Valley – On Monday, Nov. 16, the New York City State Police Financial Crimes System apprehended 51-year-old James G. Fitzmaurice of Poughkeepsie for grand larceny in the second-degree, a class C felony, and also falsifying service documents in the first degree, a course E felony, according to wpdh.


An investigation established Fitzmaurice stole, through misappropriation, in excess of $150,000 from the Dutchess Area BOCES Faculty Organization while he worked as the union’s head of state from 2017 with 2020, according to New york city State Police. Police didn’t launch even more details regarding the investigation.

Dutchess BOCES was developed in 1957 >

“With the cooperative initiatives of our thirteen component school districts, Dutchess BOCES is able to provide a wide range of curricula and also support solutions to youngsters and also grownups in Dutchess Region. We serve a student base of 48,000 students,” Dutchess Boces created on Facebook.

Hudson Valley Union President James G. Fitzmaurice was issued a look ticket returnable to the community of Poughkeepsie Court on December 8, 2020, at 4:00 p.m.

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