Lysandra Ohrstrom ‘Ivanka trump was the one who would coax other girls into flashing their breasts at the ‘hot dog man’ from the windows of their school’

Who is Lysandra Ohrstrom Ivanka Trump's ex-BFF says she hated books on poor people!
Ivanka Trump, Advisor to the President, The White House, (Photo by Michael Kovac/Getty Images)

Lysandra Ohrstrom The former BFF of First Child Ivanka Trump had a lot to claim about researching with her in college. The woman who claims to be Ivanka’s ex-best pal created an explosive post in Vanity Fair where she had explained Ivanka’s ‘bratty’ actions in secondary school, including condemning others to get herself out of difficulty. Ivanka would likewise supposedly make snooty comments secretive.


38-year-old Lysandra Ohrstrom, a reporter for The Observer and also Huffington Message, attended Chapin, which is an all-girls independent school on the Upper East Side of Manhattan with Ivanka as a teenager. She had also been just one of the two ‘maids of honor’ of Ivanka when she married Jared Kushner. Ohrstrom disclosed that both had been close right away after the wedding, after which their relationship wore away.

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She shared that both then shared an after that remote yet polite friendship. Ohrstrom is currently speaking out and also has obtained candid on that her former BFF truly is. She shared that Ivanka was enchanting as a teen and would win over adults, making them think that she had gotten rid of her daddy Donald Trump’s crass actions; however in private was similarly consumed with cash and struggled to maintain it concealed.

Who is Lysandra Ohrstrom Ivanka Trump's ex-BFF says she hated books on poor people!
Ivanka at the top of Trump tower in 1996.BY ALVARO CANOVAS/PARIS MATCH/GETTY IMAGES.

Ivanka had as soon as apparently stated, “Why would certainly you tell me to read a publication regarding f * g poor people?” Ohrstrom revealed speaking about one case when she suggested a unique concerning a diner manager. Ivanka had also purportedly stated, “because when can an instructor manage a BMW?” and also “why is a law enforcement officer living in a home like that?” when both were enjoying films.

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Lysandra Ohrstrom included that Ivanka was the one that would certainly coax other women into negative as well as inappropriate behavior which included flashing their breasts at ‘the hotdog male’ from the home windows of their college and would speak herself out of trouble if they would certainly get captured. “Among the earliest memories I have of Ivanka from before we were good friends is when she blamed a fart on a schoolmate. Time, later on, she goaded me and also a couple of other ladies into blinking our breasts out the window of our classroom in what has given that been identified the ‘blinking the hotdog man’ event in Chapin lore. Ivanka had primarily been the ringleader, yet she begged her virtue to the headmistress as well as got off scot-free. The rest people were suspended,” Ohrstrom claimed.

Who is Lysandra Ohrstrom Ivanka Trump's ex-BFF says she hated books on poor people!
Dancing the summer after Ivanka finished 8th grade. Credit: Lysandra Ohrstrom / Vanity fair

She likewise says she hung out with POTUS Trump, who asked her if Ivanka was the ‘most beautiful’ woman in their quality and was stunned when she said no. “Before I found out that the Trumps have no funny bone about themselves, I keep in mind addressing honestly that she was probably in the top five,” Lysandra added. She recalled an additional event that had occurred at Mar-a-Lago when Donald Trump Jr had seized fifty percent of a barbequed cheese from her plate. “Ivanka scolded him. However, Mr. Trump chipped in, ‘Do not fret. She does not need it. He’s doing her support.’ Conversely, he’d usually praise me if I’d reduced weight,” she added.

Lysandra Ohrstrom remembered yet an additional case when Ivanka told her she ‘disliked’ a locket she used which had her name in Arabic as well as had also said to her, “Exactly how does your Jewish boyfriend feel when you are having sex which pendant strikes him the face? How can you put on that thing? It just shouts, ‘terrorist’.”.

Both’s friendship had finished when she had complained that Ivanka had taken no rate of interest in her new work as well as Ivanka had stated to her, “Ly, I’m also busy for this s ** t..”

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