Joseph Laloux has passed away, Some people still called him mayeur as he had been the mayor of Sorinnes, the last one before the mergers of communes in Belgium

Joseph Laloux, the last burgomaster of Sorinnes is dead
Joseph Laloux Credit: photo family

The news spread very quickly on Friday in and around Dinant: Joseph Laloux has passed away. Some people still called him mayeur as he had been the mayor of Sorinnes, the last one before the mergers of communes. As time went by, the farmer of Le Chenoy had reached his 90th birthday, according to lavenir.


Throughout his life, he had had three passions: agriculture, soccer and communal politics. With his wife, Anne-Marie, he had five children and the great misfortune of losing one of them, Alain, in a road accident in Hamois. He was the grandfather of six grandchildren and the great-grandfather of a little Juliette.

Joseph Laloux also served as alderman for the city of Dinant, a path that his son, Omer, followed. Born in Dréhance, Joseph was a Dinant native to the tips of his fingers. What characterized him? His smile and, as several of his former colleagues in politics have reminded us, his way of being a man of his word and a nice man, always ready to tell a good joke. He liked to laugh, by the way.

Alderman and adviser to Antoine Tixhon, the father of the current mayor of Dinant, Joseph Laloux was part of the team of Mosty, Maurer, Bayenet, Van Basten, Wilmart, Bodlet, Vandurme, Bonzi, Paul Laloux, Leclef, Bourdeaux and, already Fournaux, Jouant, Weynant… So many names that defended Dinant tooth and nail.

Some of them are still there and are unanimous: their colleague Joseph Laloux was very open-minded, not at all political. He was a simple man, well considered.

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