The Crown story, Nerissa and Katherine Bowes-Lyon were admitted to the Royal Earlswood psychiatric hospital in 1941 and were mistakenly listed as dead in 1963

The Crown The True Story of Queen Elizabeth’s Cousins Katherine Bowes-Lyon and Nerissa Bowes-Lyon Secretly Lived in a Psychiatric Hospital
Queen Elizabeth II during a visit to the NIAB, (National Institute of Agricultural Botany) on July 09, 2019 in Cambridge, England. (Photo by Chris Jackson/Getty Images)

Each season, The Crown explores a British royal history chapter that the monarchy would most likely choose be forgotten. (See: the queen’s reported marital break, a betrayal inside Buckingham Royal residence, and a Nazi-sympathizing royal family member, for beginners.) In season four, collection maker Peter Morgan digs deep into an especially awful scandal in “The Genetic Concept,” when Princess Margaret (Helena Bonham Carter) uncovers that 5 of her and Queen Elizabeth’s (Olivia Colman) relatives were privately placed in a mental hospital in 1941 and also openly stated dead according to people magazine.


Margaret that faces her very own psychological health issues in the episode is incandescent with craze and challenges the queen’s mother (Marion Bailey) about this act of domestic cruelty. But the queen mother reasons the family’s decision, criticizing it on the 1936 abdication that propelled her other half onto the throne and unexpectedly made the purity of her family’s bloodline a subject of worldwide rate of interest.

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” My household– the Bowes-Lyons– went from being small Scottish aristocrats to having a direct bloodline to the crown, resulting in the kids of my sibling [Katherine as well as Nerissa] as well as their very first relatives [Idonea, Etheldreda, and Rosemary] paying an awful cost,” she clarifies. “Their expertly detected idiocy and also imbecility would make individuals examine the honesty of the bloodline … can you envision the headlines if it were to venture out? What people would certainly say?”

The Crown The True Story of Queen Elizabeth’s Cousins Katherine Bowes-Lyon and Nerissa Bowes-Lyon Secretly Lived in a Psychiatric Hospital
The Royal Earlswood Mental Hospital in Redhill, Surrey. It is reported that the Queen’s Cousin, Katherine Bowes-Lyon, has been a resident since 1941 and where her sister Nerissa died in 1986. (Photo by PA Images via Getty Images)

In reality, the headlines did get out– in 1987, when The Sun broke the news that 2 of Queen Elizabeth’s first cousins, Katherine and Nerissa Bowes-Lyon, were covertly put in the Royal Earlswood mental hospital in 1941, when Katherine was 15 and also Nerissa was 22. The tale was loaded with ruining details– like just how the women’s family had reported the siblings dead in 1963 to Burke’s Peerage, a publisher of publications on British upper class.

However, Nerissa lived up until 1986 and Katherine was, at the time of the bombshell information, still alive. (Debrett’s, a similar publisher, went down both women’s names in the 1950s.) An editor for Burke’s was stunned that the Bowes-Lyons would have purposefully declared their loved ones dead, efficiently erasing them from public documents. “If this is what the Bowes-Lyon household told us, after that, we would certainly have included it in the book,” Harold Brooks-Baker informed Maclean’s after understanding of the mistake. “It is not normal to doubt the words of participants of the royal household.”

According to Maclean’s, Katherine and Nerissa– who had a mental age of around 3– were privately committed by their mommy, Fenella. Fenella was claimed to have checked out the women till she died in 1966, yet the hospital had no records of Nerissa and also Katherine obtaining browse through from family members in the decades since. When Nerissa died in 1986, a few registered nurses attended her funeral in a poor person’s major noted by a basic plastic marker.

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The queen mother that was the customer for the Royal Society for Mentally Handicapped Children and also Adults, had reportedly understood of Katherine and also Nerissa’s admittance to the health center considering that 1982. After discovering that her nieces lived, the queen mother sent them a check, “which was used to get sweet and also playthings.” She did not, however, see her relatives or fix the available public record.

In 1987 a health center administrator told Maclean’s that Katherine was living in a seven-bed ward and had no understanding of her royal links. In an interview with reporters after the tale damaged, an additional health center manager called Katherine, “an elderly, frail old woman, one who finds it extremely tough maybe to recognize this sort of thing [as well as] what’s going on the planet around her. She’s truly little greater than a child.” The manager validated that Katherine had not been checked out by straight loved ones given that the 1960s, adding, “She’s obtained gos to from participants of the League of Pals as well as various other volunteers, and also of course has also had holidays at the health center’s vacation residence as well as other areas.”

After the story broke, Buckingham Royal residence declined to comment and called the issue a concern for the Bowes-Lyon family members. Bowes-Lyon descendent Girl Elizabeth Anson was left to discuss her granny’s actions– alleging that Nerissa and also Katherine’s mother, Fenella, “was a vague individual [who] usually did not complete kinds completely that Burke’s Peerage sent her.” (An editor for Debrett’s, nevertheless, claimed “an oversight like that does not occur.”).

As if the information of the Bowes-Lyon siblings were not extraordinary enough, it was ultimately reported that Katherine and also Nerissa was put at Royal Earlswood on the same day that 3 of their cousins– sis Idonea, Etheldreda, and Rosemary– were likewise confessed. Hereditary professionals determined in 1987 that all five ladies struggled with a genetic disorder, which did not impact the queen or her successors.

Katherine Bowes-Lyon died in 2014, The Crown without the royal family members ever openly recognizing her existence. With no official explanation from the royal residence or a more rational explanation from the Bowes-Lyon branch of the household, the general public has been entrusted to guess why loved ones locked Nerissa and Katherine away declared them dead.

The Crown The True Story of Queen Elizabeth’s Cousins Katherine Bowes-Lyon and Nerissa Bowes-Lyon Secretly Lived in a Psychiatric Hospital
Queen Elizabeth with her daughters Princess Elizabeth and Princess Margaret (1930 – 2002) by a syringa bush in the grounds of Windsor Castle, Berkshire. (Photo by Lisa Sheridan/Studio Lisa/Getty Images)

In 1987 an editor for Debrett’s said, “Presumably to me that their mommy had essentially denied them in her mind as being her little girls. She had five children, as well as these two sadly seemed to be born emotionally disrupted which in her very own mind, she closed them out.” On the other hand, others informed the press that what happened to Nerissa and also Katherine was “relatively basic practice all those years earlier. People went into long-stay, mentally handicapped health centers, as well as to all intents and functions. They were dead.”.

Peter Morgan, however, assumes on The Crown that the females were hidden away for factors straight about the monarchy.

” The hereditary concept already hangs by such a precarious thread,” the queen mother discusses in the period four episodes. “Throw in mental disorder, as well as it’s over. The concept that family alone has the automated due to the crown is already so hard to validate. The genetics pool of that family members better has 100% purity. There have sufficed instances on the Windsor side alone to worry people. King George III, Prince John, your uncle. If you include the Bowes-Lyon ailments to that, the risk is it ends up being illogical.”.

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