A preliminary investigation had found that Mexican mayor Florisel Rios had most likely known her kidnappers who had forced her to follow them before she was executed by the same people

Florisel Rios Mexican Mayor who was accused of ordering cops to kidnap people gets abducted and Killed by gangsters
Florisel Rios ‘Mayor’ who was accused of ordering cops to kidnap people gets abducted and Killed by gangsters / Credit: Twitter / vchal _ Shutterstock

A Mexican mayor was abducted and also carried out by mobsters only months after she had actually presumably advised police officers to abduct individuals. Authorities discovered the body of Florisel Rios on a dirt pathway in the Mexican city of Medellin de Bravo on Wednesday, November 11, according to meaww.


Florisel Rios was apparently on her method to the town hall building in Jamapa, Veracruz, when her automobile was intercepted on a remote roadway, according to a record by The Sun.

According to local media records, Florisel Rios had actually been fired two times in the head. State governor Cuitlahuac Garcia stated, “We have obtained the deplorable information of the murder of the mayor of the municipality of Jamapa.” Garcia disclosed that a preliminary investigation had located that the mayor had more than likely recognized the kidnappers that had forced her to follow them prior to she was implemented by the same individuals.

The guv stated, “It pertains to the circle near to the mayor, originated from criminal proceedings that have actually been followed versus (present) and former community servants. The proof that we have already enhanced a line of investigation, and also it has to do, sadly, with the mayor’s inner circle.” Former treasurer Maria Perez and also the former director of public jobs Carlos Perez had actually been jailed on November 4 on corruption charges yet had actually been released from custodianship.

The mayor Florisel Rios asserted that she had additionally asked state secretary Eric Cisernos for some added security as she was scared she would certainly be struck. Her city’s cops had also been deactivated, according to Grupo Reforma. The state secretary had shared that the firearms would just be returned if her partner Fernando Hernandez turned himself in. On November 5, a court had actually released a warrant for his arrest on corruption fees.

According to Daily Mail, Hernandez has been accused of misappropriating funds 2 years ago in 2018 while he was the director of Mexico’s National System for Integral Family Advancement. Hernandez had actually composed following her death, “We are in a Mexico that if we work right, we are wrong. As well as everything is blamed on the mob. I love you Florisel and also I vow I would have passed away with you. We would certainly have not gone out alone.”

“Now if all those people that found us are happy, God bless every one of them that did this to you. We are innocent and also I yell to the 4 winds that we have actually functioned and we knew to save for the old age we constantly dreamed of. I make sure they will certainly search for me. Do not fret, I will arrive myself,” he added.

The mayor’s assassination happens four months after Miguel Castillo, the previous cops chief of Jamapa had disappeared in July. He has actually not been seen because. He was only seen when in a video where he had been blindfolded as well as had charged Rios and also various other authorities of buying kidnappings of locals who lived in the area. Rios however, had defined the accusations as completely false. In a statement, the opposition Autonomous Transformation Event said that Rios as well as various other mayors had actually experienced harassment by the state-federal government.

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