Black Arts Movement Poet Nikki Giovanni Discusses Her New Book and the Art Community, Nikki trending on Twitter with much love

Poet Nikki Giovanni said 'it’s unfortunate that Trump didn’t die' on The Breakfast Club Show, Her New Book?
Nikki Giovanni (Photo by Robin Holland/Corbis via Getty Images)

Nikki Giovanni Discusses Her New Book

As a leading voice in the Black Arts Movement of the 1960s as well as ’70s, Nikki Giovanni intense and also drastically mindful verse has tested social, political, and also cultural constructs for several years.


From youngsters’ books to volumes of verse and spoken word recordings, her poetry and also prose have actually increased thought and also creative imagination with language that unapologetically places a mirror to America, assesses humanity, and also supplies split and vivid realities concerning the Black experience.

Nikki Giovanni’s latest body of work, “Make Me Rain: Poems & Prose” (HarperCollins), is a deeply rooted and personal collection that explores societal injustices while illuminating Black society, taking viewers inside of Nikki Giovanni private area. Thematically, as in her 2017 release, “A Good Cry,” “Make Me Rain,” builds on the concept of water as well as its growth buildings.

“‘ A Great Cry’ was important since a great deal of us, and also I would include myself, for the lengthiest time really did not understand exactly how to weep since we had things to do. My generation had things to do. You never saw John Lewis cry. He was hurt and would rise and do what he had to do. Martin Luther King, Jr. understood that he was probably going to be killed, as unfortunate as that is. But you weren’t going to see him sobbing or grumbling,” Nikki Giovanni says. “I was interested in the water due to the fact that water is what makes points grow. You can’t live without water. Water expands from your splits as well as a part of what expands from your splits is you? You have assisted yourself find out that it’s alright to expand.”

Acknowledging the collection’s book cover, Ms. Giovanni notes that it is a homage to Marvin Gaye’s “What’s Going On?” cd cover. Though she never satisfied the musician, as part of a generation actively invested in the altitude of Black satisfaction, awareness as well as equality with the arts, developing the cover in his honor also draws attention to the title of the document– a question that reverberates today equally as great as at the time of its initial 1971 release.

” Art is for the people [as well as] he wanted to make a declaration,” she says.” He can have written [” What’s Taking place?”] yesterday– we have people not knowing what to do. It’s right on time.”

A College Distinguished Teacher of English at Virginia Tech considering that 1987, Nikki Giovanni’s advocacy via literary arts and also education have added to her reverence as well as prominence on the American stage.

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