Will Melania divorce trump after President-elect Joe Biden’s win? Did they have ‘transactional marriage’?

Will Melania divorce trump after Donald lost the election, cold gestures towards each other are not new, having a separate bedroom in the White House!

Will Melania divorce trump after President-elect Joe Biden's win_ Did they have ‘transactional marriage’_
Will Melania divorce trump after President-elect Joe Biden’s win_ Did they have ‘transactional marriage’? / Credit: (Photo by Timothy Greenfield-Sanders/Corbis via Getty Images)

1. Will Melania divorce trump?

President Donald Trump sheds the election however is he about to lose his better half too? The Internet has been asking since the election is over Will Melania divorce trump?

Melania and Donald’s cold motions in the direction of each other are not new. Right from the first lady rolling eyes on him, to them having a different bedroom in the White House, their love story or rather their “transactional marriage” continues to be concerned, according to a close assistant.

Melania is famously said to have burst right into rips when Trump ended up being the President of the USA in 2016, with one close friend, saying: “She never anticipated him to win. She waited 5 months before moving from New York city to Washington, purportedly due to the fact that the couple’s son Barron needed to finish college.”

However her former assistant, Stephanie Wolkoff affirmed Melania was discussing a post-nuptial contract to provide Barron an equivalent share of Trump’s lot of money. Wolkoff declared that the couple had separate bedrooms in the White House as well as “a transactional marriage.”

Fellow ex-aide Omarosa Manigault Newman claimed the couple’s 15-year marital relationship was over, said, “Melania is counting every min till he runs out the office as well as she can divorce. If Melania were to attempt to pull the ultimate embarrassment and leave while he remains in workplace, he would certainly discover a way to penalize her.”

Will Melania divorce trump? Regardless of some actually wintry minutes in public, 50-year-old Melania declares she has ‘an excellent connection’ with her hubby. Meanwhile, he firmly insists that they never ever say. Trump’s prenup contract with second spouse Marla Maples limits her from publishing any book or providing interviews important of him. Attorney Christina Previte claimed it was most likely Melania had actually agreed to a similar code of silence.

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