Former Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly taunts Joe Biden, tangles with critics, Joe on Saturday called for “A nation united A nation strengthened A nation healed.”

Former Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly draws criticism for Tweet responding to Biden’s unity message, said ‘written like a man who’s been in his basement for a year’
Megyn Kelly (R) and Donald Trump (L) during the FOX special “MEGYN KELLY presents” airing Tuesday, May 17 (8:00-9:01 PM ET/PT) on FOX. (Photo by Eric Liebowitz/FOX Image Collection via Getty Images)

1. Megyn Kelly Attack Joe Biden

In among his first tweets as president-elect, Joe Biden on Saturday night called for “A nation joined. A country reinforced. A country healed.” Let’s simply say former Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly wasn’t feeling it.

he tweet really did not agree with several movie critics, including Ian Bremmer, head of state of seeking advice from company Eurasia Group, that implicated Kelly of missing out on a possibility to join, at least, an effort to bring unity to a broken nation.

” Maybe a good time for everyone with impact to attempt leading by example,” Bremmer composed.” That implies obligation wherefore we each create. Respectfully, @megynkelly, you can do better.”

Her feedback:

Kelly then tangled with a previous Obama speechwriter, who hammered her as “truly useless” for her stab at Joe as well as accused her of sounding “like Donald Trump spreading conspiracy theories regarding a cellar.” Once more, as she did much of Sunday early morning, she fought back:

Megyn Kelly active Twitter morning also included selecting a fight with AOC:

While Kelly started numerous Twitter TWTR, -1.35% fires on Sunday, it was the “basement” remark that seemed to draw one of the most backlash:

2. Megyn Kelly draws criticism

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