The spookiest time of year again! brings not only tricks but treats in the form of idols’ costumes, Check out our top 7 idols Halloween 2020 costumes

7 Of The Best Halloween 2020 Costumes Worn By K-Pop Idols 'BTS' 'Siyeon' Include
7 Of The Best Halloween 2020 Costumes Worn By K-Pop Idols ‘BTS’ ‘Siyeon’ Include / Credit: Twitter

1. SHINee’s Jonghyun and Key – Piccolo and Naruto

SHINee’s Jonghyun and Key – Piccolo and Naruto

Let’s kick off with a traditional. SHINee, particularly Key, are recognized for going all out. Their dedication to their anime costumes was a fun, wacky way to method Halloween 2020.

2. BTS’ Suga – Chucky

BTS’ Suga – Chucky

With this hair shade, it was unpreventable Suga needed to be Chucky. Possessing a knife, and also with cuts on his face, he finished the bad doll costume perfectly.

His wicked smile really did not deceive anybody!

3. DreamCatcher’s Siyeon– The Joker

DreamCatcher’s Siyeon– The Joker

This year the Joker is most likely going to be a prominent option for Halloween 2020 costumes, however, let’s not neglect Siyeon’s menacing, however awesome strategy to this costume.

4. EXO’s Baekhyun– Mummy

EXO’s Baekhyun– Mummy

This light-up mummy for Halloween 2020 was a distinct concept coming from Baekhyun. The luminous lenses most definitely developed a malevolent vibe!

5. MAMAMOO’s Hwasa – Harley Quinn

MAMAMOO’s Hwasa – Harley Quinn

Hwasa looks excellent regardless of what, however this outfit was calling her name without a doubt! Harley Quinn has actually been used sometimes, yet Hwasa’s overall badass attitude gave her an edge.

6. MONSTA X – Vampires

MONSTA X – Vampires

Vampires. Easy, however efficient. What’s scarier than a team of blood parched vampires coming your way!? MONSTA X put on these seek an unique dance practice, and also the different red capes produced a monstrous style.

7. SEVENTEEN’s The8 – Jack Skellington

SEVENTEEN’s The8 – Jack Skellington

Whatever concerning The8’s costume was excellent for Halloween 2020! His grisly cosmetics and creepy gaze sufficed to provide you the chills!

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