Rapper Braxton “Brax” Baker has passed away. She was 21, The Richmond, Virginia-born artist and social media influencer is known for her 2017 mixtape “VERSE(atility).”

What's the reason behind the death of Brax the Rapper and social media influencer Braxton Baker
What’s the reason behind the death of Brax the Rapper and social media influencer Braxton Baker

Brax, a social media sites influencer and also rap artist, has passed away at the age of 21.


Birthed Braxton Baker, she was servicing 2 cds and also 3 stories at the time of her fatality, according to an Instagram post from her mom, Letricia Loftin, on Thursday. The specifics of Brax’s death are still vague.

” At the time of her ascendance she stocked sacred form,” Loftin’s blog post reads. “There were no scratches there were no contusions, her internal and also exterior being was completely pure. It was a spiritual launch. God obtained the angel He lent us.”


Brax had likewise been pursuing a singing profession as well as choreography, among different other talents. Her mommy’s blog post additionally indicates that fashion jobs were in the works, specifically ones that involved “Black queer revolutionary womxn.”

Essence, that initially reported the singer’s fatality, reported that the musician garnered a following after launching “KNOWLEDGEABLE(atility),” a cd that can no more be found on Spotify or other major streaming solutions besides SoundCloud. The body of work included “Lil b—,” a song that is still up on Brax’s YouTube network.

The rapper also styled, choreographed and routed her launching music video.

Various followers and close friends required to social media on Thursday to express their condolences and also grieve Brax’s death.

Make-up artist Scott Osbourne Jr reviewed their past photoshoot as well as recognized her impact in an Instagram post. “You were such a fantastic light, Man the work you developed, and the job we produced with each other will survive for life!,” his post reads.

Others on Twitter shared favored photos of the influencer and also shared well-wishes for Brax’s family.

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