The hip-hop Twitterati have devised an amusing, albeit ridiculous, way to kill time while the nation anxiously awaits 2020 election results, riffing on the name of rapper J.Cole

Snarky J.Cole name game is going viral on Twitter, is the rap star has yet comment on his viral name?
Snarky J.Cole name game is going viral on Twitter, is the rap star has yet comment on his viral name / (Photo by Scott Dudelson/Getty Images)

1. Snarky J.Cole Viral name game

The hip-hop Twitterati have devised an enjoyable with the name Snarky — albeit absurd– means to consume time while the country anxiously awaits 2020 political election outcomes– riffing on the name of 35-year-old rap artist j.cole (whose full name is Jermaine Lamarr Cole).

The punny quest is currently blowing up on social media sites.

” J.Cole is freezing: J Cold,” created one Twitter hip-hop fan to the tune of 2,900 likes.

” J.Cole took my wallet: J Swipes,” quipped one more about Cole, that was accused in June of dissing fellow rap artist Noname in his hit single “Snow On Tha Bluff.”

Some even more risqué remixes consisted of “j cole smokes some weed: j dish” and “J Cole does medicines: J

2. Snarky J.Cole Trending On Twitter

3. Did J.Cole Respond?

The rap celebrity has yet to talk about his viral name game.

Nonetheless “J.Cole” isn’t the initial celebrity name to generate a social-media difficulty.

Podcast host Joe Rogan obtained a tag remodeling in 2016 with riffs ranging from “toe Rogan” to “doe Rogan” in addition to pics of the comic’s face superimposed over the abovementioned things.

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