Kim Seokjin gave ARMY an elegant fantasy, the oldest K-pop member of BTS appears in a peaceful place in the concept images for ‘BE’ for the upcoming album

Kim Seokjin BTS BE Concept Photos: turns into a precious gem, Gives ARMY master class in loving yourself
Kim Seokjin BTS BE Concept Photos: turns into a precious gem, Gives ARMY master class in loving yourself / Credit: BigHit Entertainment Twitter

1. BTS BE Concept ‘Kim Seokjin’

As November 20 is obtaining more detailed, an essential date for BTS and ARMY, the band from the agency Big Hit Amusement returns to the songs scene with the document product ‘BE’, a new age for the 7 singers and rap artists, now the turn is for Kim Seokjin.

All set for the return of Beyond The Scene with ‘BE’? The interpreters of ‘Dynamite’ announced that this cd will be greater than unique, as they have actually located a lot of ideas during social seclusion.

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In the last few days, the concept photos for ‘BE’ have actually been revealed, Bangtan Sonyeondan idolizers worked on the creative, artistic, and also content components to make the gallery that embellishes their following comeback.

V, Jimin, RM, and Jungkook have already shared the photo sets where they have placed a lot of effort and their personality, now the member who surprised netizens by posting their specific pictures is Kim Seokjin.


The individual idea pictures of Kim Seokjin reflect a stylish, tranquil, and calm aura, the color palette that distinguishes the set is a pearl, white, and lilac was used as a contrast. OMG!

Space, where Kim Seokjin shows up, is brightened by attractive crystal lights, which comparison with the outfit of the Korean pop idol, who uses a lengthy sky blue bathrobe, white tee shirt, lilac trousers as well as comfy shoes.

The audio that comes with Jin’s private teasers for ‘BE’ is a description of his motivation to create a serene and tranquil atmosphere, the interpreter of ‘ON’ commented that inside an area packed with priceless gems it is impossible to understand what truly worth it and what is not.

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