Following V, Jimin and RM, the next individual BE Concept Photos features BTS Golden Maknae aka Jeon Jungkook and it’s in deep contrast with the first three photoshoots

Jeon Jungkook BTS BE Concept Photos: reveals to ARMY who he is inside using 'music and speakers'
Jungkook BTS BE Concept Photos: reveals to ARMY who he is inside using ‘music and speakers’ / Twitter

1. Jungkook BTS BE Concept Photos

BTS upcoming resurgence feels incredibly individual this moment about, a lot more so than normal because all the participants have actually played a vital component planned of their soon-to-be-released cd; from creating to cd jacket covers. Entitled BE with Life Goes On as one of the going along with songs (most likely the lead solitary), the septet worked on this highly-awaited album in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. Hence, their simple message is to provide a resource of convenience to their fanbase via their music, now it’s Jungkook Turn.

Over the past couple of days, we’ve seen the specific BE Idea Photos of 3 participants as they welcomed us to their self-curated spaces. While V personified equilibrium, Jimin provided us a look at the comparison and also RM embraced us with heat.

Taking a full 360 turn is The Golden Maknae aka Jeon Jungkook that joined a darker strategy and also picked twelve o’clock at night blue as the color scheme for his self-crafted space. While you can’t take your eyes off of Jungkook, you come across the numerous audio speakers almost consuming the visually curated area.

” Hey there, welcome to Jungkook’s area. I’m the manager, Jungkook. This room is enhanced with my two enthusiasms: songs and also speakers. It is an embodiment all my likes, with unique focus on music as well as speakers,” Jungkook disclosed as the idea behind his area and also additional explained,

“I wished to develop a room growing with songs to make sure that the viewer can catch a glimpse of that I am within. Songs can be a resource of convenience, joy, and also toughness. I hope that you can listen to songs that offer you stamina, comfort, and happiness and also more than happy doing so.” Also, the structural wall set up with the doodling on the side in addition to the brownish couch and also red published carpeting has numerous stories to decipher.

Talking especially regarding his choice of items, Kookie reasoned, “What things in this room do you assume best represent me? You possibly thought this already. That’s right! Audio speakers.

Speakers are not only a tool for delivering music but likewise looks like a channel for the convenience as well as pleasure that a tune provides, which is why I chose them to be the items that best represent me.”

As for the details of his attire, ARMY was left amazed as to how Jungkook just picked an attire that showcased the genuine ‘Jungkook’ that included a grey striped pajama match coupled with a hallmark black tee, black shoes, a slim locket, and black hoop jewelry.

While Kookie’s black hair was completely styled away, the dark lighting contemplated the attire providing it a sleek top quality. “As a matter of fact, there isn’t a unique meaning behind the attire. I assumed it complemented space. I wished to showcase ‘Jungkook’ in ‘Jungkook’s’ area in the best light feasible,” Jungkook wrapped up.

2. Jungkook’s midnight blue and musical themed BE Concept Photos

When you first encounter Jungkook’s curated room; even if you’re not a fan, you right away understand simply just how much songs means to him. 23 hasn’t looked better than it does on Jeon Jungkook, that has actually come out of his shell even more and also is accepting who he is inside with music as his language.

Moreover, Kookie has always had a very unique bond with MILITARY as well as hence, Jungkook, with his area, is letting them understand that he’s welcoming them with open arms, revealing his psyche to them with something that he’s famously recognized for; music. One can’t aid however go back to Jungkook’s My Time performance from BTS MAP OF THE SPIRIT ON: E and obtain a deja vu moment of types while seeing Kookie’s space while MILITARY saw some simultaneous theme with the artwork for his FESTA 2020 track Still With You, which was dedicated to the precious fandom.

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