The company that makes Jaffa Cakes have revealed which side of the sweet treat is the top and which is the bottom and it means we’ve been eating them wrong

Jaffa Cakes Shows 'correct' way to eat them and it's blowing people's minds
Jaffa Cakes Shows ‘correct’ way to eat them and it’s blowing people’s minds / Credit: Dean Drobot _ Shutterstock

For many years one argument has split those with a sweet tooth – is a Jaffa Cakes a cake or a biscuit?


But now it seems there’s something else that’s creating a stir amongst chocolate orange fans.

Apparently, all this moment, we’ve been consuming Jaffa Cakes incorrect.

Yes, actually.

According to a spokesperson for Jaffa, which is possessed by McVitie and Price, as opposed to popular belief, the chocolate part of the treatment isn’t the top, it’s really all-time low.

This suggests we’ve been holding them – and also eating them – upside down for as long as we can keep in mind.

You’ve probably been eating Jaffa Cakes wrong (stock photo) (Image: Getty Images/iStockphoto)
/ Apparently the chocolate is on the bottom (Image: FAMILY LOCKDOWN TIPS & IDEAS/Facebook)

Our minds are blown!
This unexpected truth was verified on social media sites by a male known just as David.

David declares to have messaged the Jaffa Cakes main page, asking “what side of the Jaffa is all-time low?”

A screenshot of the conversation shared on the Facebook team, Family Lockdown Tips & Ideas, shows the company’s response.

They responded: “Hey there David, our Jaffa go through a storage tank of delicious chocolate, so the delicious chocolate gets on all-time low. Many Thanks, Jaffa Cakes.”

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