In James Tynion IV and Guillem March’s Batman Arkham Asylum, it’s revealed that Punchline plan to get free from house arrest is already working on Gotham

Punchline ended up being Joker’s brand-new sweetheart and henchman soon before his strike on Gotham City at Batman Arkham asylum. As the bad guy started his Joker War, Punchline was essentially his right-hand woman: she aided him to take the Wayne household lot of money, she had her very own staff of clowns, she managed the production of a brand-new Laughing Gas at Ace Chemical and she did anything else the Joker asked of her, according to CBR.


When the war concerned an end, the Clown Prince of Crime vanished into the evening– and Punchline was arrested. In Gotham City, whenever a costumed lawbreaker is nabbed, they are generally sent to Batman Arkham Asylum. Nevertheless, Punchline showed to be extremely clever by using social media and public opinion to avoid the asylum for the criminally insane.

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And also, currently, in Batman Arkham asylum # 101, we learn that her untrustworthy strategy is also going additionally– it’s ended up being a movement.

In Batman Arkham asylum # 100, it was exposed that, while she was awaiting her test, Alexis Kaye– aka Punchline– recorded a video clip she published on social media. In the video, she exposed just how the Joker had controlled her into becoming his partner. She played the victim. While she didn’t ask for mercy for what she had done, she utilized this video clip to remind everyone that she hadn’t killed any individual throughout the Joker Battle and that her biggest criminal activity remained in relying on the incorrect person.

Batman Arkham asylum Trending Punchline DIABOLICAL Plan Is Already Working on Gotham City

The video clip was used to show that she was not unpredictable enough to be put behind bars at Arkham. Instead, she was put under house arrest. It revealed that she understood how to weaponize culture and use it to fit her own needs.

Currently, in Batman Arkham asylum # 101, we see the ongoing impact of Punchline’s video. Throughout a discussion between Lucius Fox and Batman, numerous displays reveal even more recordings of Alexis Kaye dealing with the media, which shows that she might tape-record more video clips to continue to amass public support. And it’s working.

Undoubtedly, Lucius claims that the internet firm is currently offering “Free Punchline” t-shirts. For that reason, Punchline is gradually gaining popular opinion– sufficient that it’s currently coming to be an activity. Her videos affect specific citizens, and some are convinced that she is simply a young girl utilized by the city’s worst villain. She is rallying the people of Gotham City behind her.

Batman Arkham asylum Trending Punchline DIABOLICAL Plan Is Already Working on Gotham City
Batman Arkham asylum Trending ‘Punchline’s DIABOLICAL Plan Is Already Working on Gotham City’

For the time being, it’s only tees. However, the motion could grow even more significant if Alexis obtains even more support. If she attracts the interest of a vast enough crowd, the city might have no choice but to let her go free.

The punchline is acting differently than the regular Gotham City lousy guy. She’s using the modern-day weapon of social networks to guide public opinion and also adjust culture. This shows that she is much like the Joker. She sees the splits in culture’s wall surfaces, and also she utilizes them to get what she wants. It’s untrustworthy, and also it reveals that she does be worthy of standing side-by-side with the Clown Prince of Criminal Activity.

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