Top creepiest comments of Donald Trump talking about his daughter Ivanka trump

‘If Ivanka weren’t my daughter, perhaps I’d be dating her’ unsettling record of comments of Donald Trump talking about his daughter Ivanka trump

Top comments of Donald Trump talking about his daughter Ivanka trump
Donald Trump and his daughter Ivanka Trump kiss after speaking during the grand opening of the new Trump International Hotel October 26, 2016 in Washington, DC. (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

When Donald Trump talking about his daughter Ivanka trump, in the host of 1997 Miss Teenager U.S.A. pageant, he counted on the then-Miss Cosmos as well as asked: “Don’t you assume my child’s warm? She’s warm, best?”

That anecdote, told to the New York Times by Creek Antoinette Mahealani Lee, seems the initial videotaped occurrence of the Republican presidential candidate and fact T.V. celebrity making remarks concerning his child’s body, which those present have regarded inappropriate.

In the almost twenty years because Mr. Trump has called his oldest child Ivanka Trump “sexy,.” He’s stated it’s ALRIGHT to explain her as “a piece of butt,” though she is an elderly exec in his business empire. He’s also claimed that, if she wasn’t his daughter, “probably [he ‘d] be dating her.”

Mr. Trump’s history of denigrating women has come to the fore of the U.S. governmental debate after audio tapes arisen of him boasting concerning “getting them by the p *** y” from a 2005 recording of Gain access to Hollywood.

Right here’s a recap of entirely Donald Trump talking about his daughter Ivanka Trump.


1. Donald Trump talking about his daughter On The Howard Stern Show, 2003

Donald Trump extolled his then-22-year-old little girl’s body, saying: “You know who is just one of the incredible beauties of the globe, according to everyone? And I aided create her. Ivanka.

” My daughter, Ivanka. She’s 6 feet high, she’s obtained the most effective body. She made a great deal cash as a design– a remarkable quantity.”

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