On Thursday, October 29, 2020, firefighters from Calvert, St. Mary’s, and Charles County responded to 7355 Saw Mill Road in Lusby MD for the reported fire

Lusby MD House Fire update '1 Missing, 3 Seriously Injured'
Lusby MD House Fire update ‘1 Missing, 3 Seriously Injured’ / Credit: Sean Thomforde _ Shutterstock

On Thursday, October 29, 2020, at approximately 3:15 a.m., firemen from Calvert, St. Mary’s, and also Charles Area reacted to 7355 Saw Mill Roadway in Lusby MD, for the reported framework fire, according to smnewsnet.


The 911 caller reported a house on fire with subjects listened to shouting for help behind-the-scenes before the customer separated. Dispatchers, later on, encouraged several 911 callers to report topics trapped in the home.

Teams showed up on the scene to locate a two-story home with fire revealing from three sides of the home, firefighters later verified one subject trapped within.

Lusby MD Firefighters right away made entry into the residence as well as experienced hefty fire conditions on the initial and also 2nd flooring with crews reporting holes on the second flooring.

Emptying tones were appeared for all employees to exit the structure as a result of the endangered flooring and no water system.

Three targets left with severe burns and injuries, with one witness reporting a grown-up female jumped from the second-floor window. She endured severe burns.

Clinical workers asked for 2 helicopters and added medic systems, all medevac helicopters were down as a result of weather. Three sufferers were transferred to area treatment centers with major injuries.

Due to live power lines down in the backyard, the second flooring being burned through with openings throughout the residence, as well as the roofing system giving in, firefighters snuffed out the fire from the exterior up until SMECO safeguarded power to the home.

The Office of The Lusby MD Fire Marshal replied to the scene to explore the root cause of the fire.

One man is still unaccounted for.

Updates and also information will be supplied when they become available.

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