K-pop star Chanyeol Exo Member is being accused of allegedly cheating on his ex-girlfriend – here’s all the drama explained, Fans Defend him on Twitter

Fans Defend Exo Chanyeol Following cheatings allegations, The truth behind K-pop star story
Fans Defend Exo Chanyeol Following cheatings allegations, The truth behind K-pop star story / (Photo by Visual China Group via Getty Images/Visual China Group via Getty Images)


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Exo chanyeol

Park Chan-yeol K-pop Star, much better referred to as merely Chanyeol, is a South Korean rapper, vocalist, songwriter, and manufacturer most known for remaining in the South Oriental- Chinese boy team EXO.

The 27-year-old from Seoul is also an actor, showing up in different tv dramas and movies such as So I Weding an Anti-fan (2016) and Secret Queen Manufacturers (2018 ).

Chan has become a fashion symbol, modeling for numerous huge brands and participating in fashion events for Dior, Prada, Calvin Klein, and Tommy Hilfiger’s show in London. He was likewise just revealed as an ambassador for Prada along with Irene.


The singer has been involved in a whole ton of drama over the past few days after rumors began spreading that he purportedly ripped off on his ex-girlfriend.

A lengthy letter showed up online from an anonymous customer asserted to be Chanyeol’s ex-girlfriend of 3 years. In the article, she claimed that he cheated on her with over ten ladies throughout their relationship.


Regardless of the claims, lots of fans have required Twitter to safeguard Chanyeol, declaring that he would certainly never cheat on his girlfriend.

One Twitter customer said: “Remember what Baekhyun said: ‘Don’t think whatever you see online. It’s very easy to make lies look like it is the truth.’ I’m mosting likely to place this right here once again, and also I wish some fans are smart sufficient that Chanyeol would certainly never ever before do such a thing.”

” The ungrounded claims on Chanyeol do not make me like him any type of much less because we exols understand what chan is, the antis can comprise whatever shit they want to however exols will always get ex’s back. WeAreOne #EXOLProtectChanyeol,” stated another.

An additional follower tweeted a quote from Park Chanyeol himself: “#EXOLProtectChanyeol “Do not think any scandal information about me if it’s not from my mouth.”– Park Chanyeol.”

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