TikToker Tayler Holder receives backlash for allegedly copying late YouTuber Corey LaBarrie brand design, and Claims He Cheated On Sommer Ray

Tayler Holder Accused of copying YouTuber Corey LaBarrie’s brand design And Cheated On Sommer Ray
Tayler Holder Accused of copying YouTuber Corey LaBarrie’s brand design And Cheated On Sommer Ray / CNN

TikTok star Tayler holder has actually shut down rumors that he ripped off on ex Sommer Ray with new partner Charly Jordan, according to ibtimes, and accused today of copying the brand of the YouTuber Corey LaBarrie.

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1. Tayler Holder Addresses Claims He Cheated On Sommer Ray 

In a video labeled “A Message To Sommer Ray,” which went viral on YouTube as well as Instagram, the Owner preserved his virtue, specifying that he “never cheated on Sommer.”

Attending to the reports flowing on social media concerning his connections, Holder claimed, “I’m simply gonna hit the determines due to the fact that I do not wanna make this like a recurring thing.”

“I never ever unfollowed Sommer. Sommer obstructed me from numerous celebrations because of the individual troubles that we were having. Keeping that being stated, whenever you block somebody, it makes the various other one unfollow you,” the 23-year-old TikTok star proceeded.

2. Tayler Holder and Corey LaBarrie Trending

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