A netizen claiming to be Exo member Chanyeol ex-girlfriend alleges that the idol star cheated on her and committed other misdeeds

Did Chanyeol Exo member cheated on her girlfriend and committed other misdeeds_
Did Chanyeol Exo member cheated on her girlfriend and committed other misdeeds / (Photo by Visual China Group via Getty Images/Visual China Group via Getty Images)

On October 28, there has been turmoil in the online community as a netizen claiming to be EXO member Chanyeol’s ex-girlfriend for 3 years began exposing the artist for his misdeeds.


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[Note: This is just a rumor and has not been verified.]

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The female netizen published in an online neighborhood as well as left a lengthy letter to Exo member Chanyeol expressing her temper. She began mentioning that fate has actually gotten the very best of the EXO participant as well as started claiming that Chanyeol had actually ripped off on her during the 3 years they were dating.

Chanyeol wearing the same beanie:

Netizens state the photo posted by Chanyeol sister reveals that the style matches:

The netizen published numerous images of the musician as this information spread out all across the web. She uploaded as well as revealed how ashamed she was as she discovered the variety of people Chanyeol had actually copulated while dating her.

She posted,

” I do not know if I’m allowed to publish pictures, so I took the pictures down, but I can reupload it if any person requires evidence.

Hey there Chanyeol. I don’t know if you read this on the internet neighborhood or otherwise. I have actually made a decision to create something similar to this, which I never did, to subject you. You should be shocked to see something composed from me when you believed we had separated. Well, I feel dirty as well as horrible thinking of the three years I’ve been deceived by you. Chan this is the fate you brought onto on your own.

We started dating when you asked one of my acquaintances for my number. We started officially dating when you asked me out.
Then I discovered the shocking fact since the 3 years we’ve been dating.

I tried not to count on anything unless I see with my very own eyes and also hear with my very own years. I even believed you when you refuted everything.

But you were somebody else’s initial experience as you had one night stands with other individuals. I was so ignorant as you slept with brand-new females while I was asleep.

You were so busy living a dirty life. There were numerous different sorts of ladies like lady group participants, YouTube streamers, steward, as well as much more.
Did you appreciate on your own?

You’re really well-known.

Everyone around you knew just how dirty you were other than me.

Truly, everybody finds out about except me and your followers.

I thought it was weird when you weren’t able to protect me when the member you do not such as attempted flirting with me without knowing our partnership.

You weren’t also able to reveal your frustration in that circumstance and just cursed regarding him behind his back. I currently recognized it was due to the fact that you could not be positive with your activities.

I informed you as a joke that if you’re going to rip off on me, don’t let me understand about it.

Yet you cheated on me rather a whole lot …

I heard there were ten or more from what I heard C.yeol.

If you were a respectable person, you should not have done that with my colleagues.

After less than 2 days we separated you called and I informed you regarding whatever I listened to, however you acted like you didn’t know anything. I informed you the names of the girls you copulated; you stayed silent for three seconds after that you claimed, ‘She what?’ I was so puzzled.

However you recognize what? I taped that since there are victims that wanted to hear what your justifications were.

Do you recognize what’s funny? You never claimed you don’t know the women I names that you slept around with. You must contend least pretended you really did not. You need to think so light of me. You weren’t even terrified. What makes that of me that was deceived by you for 3 years?

If there’s a mistake with me, It’s that I didn’t know you were this kind of a prick and attempted to shield you, trusted you, as well as have no preference in people.

I assume that’s the only fault that I have.

I tried to conceal the pictures we took together simply in case it got out to the public, as well as I assumed it would cause you problem in your job. So I didn’t also inform my buddies that I had a guy.

I trusted you when you informed me you would pass away if your occupation in the songs market was influenced by girl-problems. So I was active trying to shield you.

Please end up being a decent person.

I will not point out anything else besides this that can come to be a bigger problem.

You probably understand what those have to do with.

My heart drops when I hear your name.

I wish the people of the globe know just how bad of a person you are.

Do not call me.”

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