BE BTS has shared postcards for their fans ARMY as part of the lead-up to their new album, members V, Jimin, and RM were shared those messages

BE BTS New Album is Coming: BTS has shared postcards for their fans MILITARY as part of the lead-up to their new cd “BE”!


On October 28, the group shared the list below letter with the hashtags #Dear _ MILITARY, #From _ V, #From _ Jimin, #From _ RM, as well as finally #BTS _ BE, linking the message to the team’s upcoming cd.

Dear. ARMY, The weather’s gotten a lot chilly. I’m writing this because I wanted to know what ARMY’s thinking and what you’ve been up to lately. Promise to write me back?


BE BTS New Album

On Weverse, postcards from participants V, Jimin, as well as RM were shared together with the message: “MILITARY, please send your reply to BTS participants with the hashtag #TO _ BTS on Twitter!”

V’s postcard reads, “There were minutes while servicing my songs when I felt stuck. I went to see ARMY every single time that took place. Beloved MILITARY, when do you feel the happiest? What are some minutes that make you go, ‘I’m so satisfied today’? (Other than our tunes.)”.

Jimin wrote, “I miss everyone that enjoys me just the means I am, so much. Precious MILITARY, what makes you the happiest in your everyday lives, and when you’re by our side?”.

BE BTS 'New Album' With Postcards For ARMY, Fans Respond On Twitter With #TO_BTS Trending
Jimin Message

RM shared, “The happiest minute for me is not something grandiose yet the minutes when I open my eyes in the early morning to the attractive sky, when I scent the winter and also when I get on my bike and also the breeze really feels wonderful. Precious MILITARY, when do you feel happy in your everyday lives?”.

BE BTS 'New Album' With Postcards For ARMY, Fans Respond On Twitter With #TO_BTS Trending
RM Message

Be BTS Album Trending Twitter’s around the world patterns as fans reacted to the letters and shared their responses, Be

BTS’s brand-new album “BE” comes out on November 20. The members have straight participated in creating their new album, including not just the songs but likewise the idea, design, as well as more.

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