Conneticut, Jennifer Dulos family asked the court to waive the seven-year waiting period to declare her dead, but Judge Evelyn Daly said she needed more information

Jennifer Dulos update: Family wants her to be declared dead, but judge Evelyn Daly Refuses Conneticut
Jennifer Dulos update: Family wants her to be declared dead, but judge Evelyn Daly Refuses

(New Canaan, Conneticut): Though the investigation right into Jennifer Dulos death proceeds, what her family members are looking for at the moment is closure. Unfortunately for them, they cannot have her declared lawfully dead yet, as the Conneticut probate court has announced that more information is required before she can formally put the matter to remainder.


The typical waiting period for declaring an individual dead is seven years. However, this waiting duration can be forged in court, giving sufficient evidence has been brought forth before a judge.

In this instance, when attorney Christopher Hug brought the case before Court Evelyn Daly on October 22, she stated that she required even more time to study the issue and establish if more witnesses needed to be called in to indicate before she made her final ruling.

Jennifer Dulos, 50, a Conneticut mother of five, went missing on May 24, 2019. Her estranged partner Fotis Dulose, 51, was jailed together with his sweetheart, Michelle Troconis, 44, linked to the case after evidence was uncovered tying them to the crime. Fotis Dulose was detained for criminal offense eliminating her in her Brand-new Canaan home after repealing with her body. Jennifer Dulose’s body has never been found, and also Fotis himself committed suicide a month after being detained in January 2020.

Cops think that Fotis extremely assaulted Jennifer in her very own garage. Zip connections and blood spatter found at the scene suggest that a violent altercation happened in the garage, which Jennifer Dulos was bound before being driven in other places.

They likewise believe that Fotis did not act alone – he has been recorded on video clip tape with his then-girlfriend Michelle Troconis throwing out zip connections into the trash bin around Hartford.

The case has attracted dispute regarding Jennifer Dulos having fabricated her murder to mount her spouse after their divorce, in a fashion similar to Gillian Flynn’s ‘Gone Girl.’ Fotis’ attorney at the time, Norm Pattis, recommended that Jennifer as soon as wrote a manuscript with a story comparable to ‘Gone Lady’, as well as may have used that story as inspiration to injure her husband. Jennifer’s family has continuously knocked this theory, and Gillian Flynn herself revealed rage at the accusation.

According to, Christopher Hug takes care of Fotis Dulose’s estate, and bank officials have created that they can’t access particular funds that are required to settle lenders of said estate. To unfreeze those funds, the court must rule that Jennifer Dulose died before he did. Hug’s motion presents the disagreement that Jennifer Dulose’s corpse was dismembered as well as disposed of, which is why her body hasn’t been found.

Jennifer Dulos household has participated in this request for the legal affirmation of Jennifer’s death. Her mother, Gloria Farber, who holds safekeeping of Jennifer’s five kids, is stood for by lawyer Richard Weinstein, who has joined with Hug in requesting the declaration.

Farber and also the kids “truly desire closure,” Weinstein told ABC Information on Friday. “The kids check out every article, Gloria reads every write-up. And also it just opens these injuries.”

We don’t wish to be managing these two and three years from now,” he said. “We desire the [Fotis] Dulos estate resolved and also at some point we can open her [Jennifer Dulos’] estate and also get her estate resolved.”

“I do not understand of anyone who really thinks that Jennifer lives,” Weinstein added.

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