Prince Azim net worth amounted to $5 billion, Brunei son which he amassed as a member of the royal family and as a movie producer for Daryl Prince Productions

Prince Azim dies_ What was the net worth of Sultan of Brunei's son_ Azim enriched inheritance by producing Films
Prince Azim dies_ What was the net worth of Sultan of Brunei’s son_ Azim enriched inheritance by producing Films / Prince Azim of Brunei (Getty Images)

The death of Prince Azim at the age of 38 came after a long illness, it was revealed on October 24. Following the information of the Prince’s unfavorable passing away, we take a look at how much the royal Prince’s web value was worth.


It is estimated that the royal Prince Azim was worth about $5 billion, that includes his worth as a member of a royal household as well as the income he’s made as a manufacturer with London-based film firm Daryl Prince Productions, which was behind films such as ‘The Delighted Royal prince,’ ‘You’re Not You’ as well as ‘The moment Of Their Lives.’ Daryl Prince Productions Ltd was integrated on September 18, 2012, and has remained to operate because of making British funny motion pictures for the past eight years.

Prince Azim kept close ties with Hollywood, despite worry amongst stars by his daddy’s pro-sharia positions.

Prince Azim was nonetheless popular for joining the Hollywood group. The 2nd birthed royal Prince to Hassanal Bolkiah, Sultan of Brunei, was fourth in line to the throne and among most media-friendly participants of the royal family members, understood for tossing parties loaded with star visitors.

He threw 2009’s ‘Event of the Year,’ featuring such visitors as Janet Jackson, Mariah Carey, Sophia Loren – the bill for flowers alone concerned about 70,000 pounds with his order of 6,000 white roses.

The party was held at Stapleford Park country house hotel in Leicestershire, owned by Prince Azim’s mom, Mariam Aziz, the previous partner of the billionaire Sultan of Brunei. His 30th birthday celebration bash in 2012 was an additional diva-fest that made several headlines at the time, taking place in The Dorchester Resort, London, and including such guests as Raquel Welch, Marisa Tomei, and Pamela Anderson.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, he was likewise a serious charity protestor. He was the guest of honor at 2 major fundraisers – the “Seeing is Believing” fundraising event and the Sounds of Hope charity show, both of which kept in Brunei.

He was additionally one of the wealthier customers of the Make a Desire Foundation. Along with his patronage of the Make a Wish Foundation, he also developed unisex weekend bags for MCM, which were donated to the organization. Likewise, he was an advocate for autistic individuals, openly emphasizing that any person with autism should treat with the same regard as any other member of the family.

One of 12 siblings of the royal family, Prince Azim, had accessibility to a few of the world’s highest education and learning requirements. He studied in England, at Leighton Park College in Berkshire and the Oxford Brookes University in Oxford.

He was also enrolled in the Royal Military College Sandhurst, England, which has been house to many imperial household participants worldwide. He came to be the only royal family member in the world to quit the academy after just one week.

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