UFO Sightings, The white flat disc hovered above the highway before it moved slowly headed towards wind mills not far from Area 51 in Nevada, California

UFO Sightings_ tic-tac spotted in the skies near Area 51 sparking conspiracy meltdown
UFO Sightings_ tic-tac spotted in the skies near Area 51 sparking conspiracy meltdown / Credit: Natural Earth Imagery _ Shutterstock

UFO Sightings as An unusual video clip declaring to show a “tic-tac” moving slowly near the top-secret armed forces base Location 51 in California has sent alien enthusiasts into meltdown.


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According to Dailymail, A chauffeur taking a trip on Highway 62 near to Palm Springs in California, US, experienced the white disc and also claimed it determined about 70 feet long, and announced the UFO Sightings.

In the clip, a level white thing is seen floating mid-air above the freeway. It seems moving along Mount San Jacinto in the direction of the room where the wind mills are.

The vehicle driver, that went on the course regularly due to function objective, claimed: “I have actually seen clouds around the mountains extremely often however never ever such as this.”

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Conspiracy theorist Scott C Waring, who is understood for his extravagant insurance claims, claimed on his blog site UFO Sightings Daily that the so-called discovery happened near Area 51 might due to the proximity to the wind farms.

UFO Sightings: tic-tac spotted in the skies near Area 51 sparking conspiracy meltdown
A worker spotted a white flat disc hovering above the highway in front of Mount San Jacinto, the US (Image: YouTube/iiiAnon Dimensional)

He composed: “This is an intriguing video clip of a white tic tac shaped UFO.

” The UFO was seen as an individual was heading to function along Freeway 62 near Hand Springs. The wind farm lies in Hand Spring outskirts.

” The eyewitness initially believes it to be a cloud and after that soon knew it was possibly a UFO Sightings”

Waring made more unusual cases, adding: “UFOs do have a high rate of interest in human technology and also wind ranches are the newest in totally free power harvesting to make cleaner earth.

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” UFOs have been seen prior to around wind ranches as well as one even collapsed right into windmill years back.

” This white tic tac … that’s an unusual craft caught very close to Area 51, Nellis AFB, as well as the renowned Space, being Freeway. A UFO hotspot.”

Audiences were convinced as well as stated the UFO did not look like any army crafts.

One wrote: “They [The army] never would certainly have flown that path anyhow. It’s undoubtedly a genuine craft that was there at that time.”

Another added: “Resembles an actual bargain, a tic tac type craft of intelligent capacities there.”

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