Lucille Poag Miami woman was arrested after authorities say she Fraud dozens of people out of a hundred through a scheme targeting prospective homebuyers

Miami: Lucille Poag Accused of Targeting Prospective Homebuyers in $400K Fraud Scheme
Miami: Lucille Poag Accused of Targeting Prospective Homebuyers in $400K Fraud Scheme / Credit: Andrey_Popov _ Shutterstock

An 83-year-old Miami ‘Lucille Poag‘ was detained after authorities state she Fraud lots of individuals out of thousands of thousands of dollars via a system targeting prospective homebuyers, according to NBC.


Lucille Poag was detained Tuesday on charges including arranged scams, second-degree grand burglary, and prohibited acts by a financing broker, according to an apprehension record.

The arrest report stated Lucille Poag, who had actually been a licensed real estate broker in Florida considering that March 1990, however, had her permit revoked in November 2016 and also March 2018, utilized “deceitful advertisements” in the Miami Times paper to bring in unsuspecting homebuyers to her office in North Miami.

The buyers would certainly give Poag $1,800 deposits on the pledge that she would certainly protect mortgages as well as the government gives for them, the record stated. Poag would exist to the buyers regarding having straight links to a federal government grant program meant for very first time homebuyers and low earnings family members, the report said.

Once Lucille Poag received the down payments, she would certainly ideal the funds for her very own usage and also “would certainly either provide sufferers a list of excuses regarding why the grants were not appearing or disregard the targets entirely,” the report claimed.

Miami: Lucille Poag Accused of Targeting Prospective Homebuyers in $400K Fraud Scheme
Lucille Poag

Investigators spoke with more than 40 prospective property buyers that gave Poag a $1,800 down payment, and authorities claimed buyers lost more than $400,000 jointly in deposits put with Poag over a duration of numerous years, the record claimed.

While the majority of prospective property buyers never heard from Poag again, detectives interviewed some who did receive a reimbursement of their deposits that “were obtained only after numerous years of going after Poag with tiny cases claims, posting unfavorable reviews on social media systems, or calling the police,” the report claimed.

Given that 2016 there have been at the very least 10 administrative issues submitted versus Poag for unlicensed property activity with three leading to administrative last orders against her, the record claimed.

It additionally kept in mind that possible homebuyers had actually been grumbling to the Florida Division of Service and Professional Guideline and also the Better Business Bureau and also on social networks regarding Poag considering that as very early as 2009.

Lucille Poag was being hung on $45,000 bond Wednesday, Miami-Dade jail records revealed. Attorney info wasn’t offered.

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