A uniformed Miami police Officer was photographed sporting a protective mask with a pro-Trump slogan at a voting site in Government Center Tuesday morning.

Miami police Officer spotted wearing pro-Trump mask near voting site, What Miami PD Stated_
Miami police Officer spotted wearing pro-Trump mask near voting site, What Miami PD Stated_

A clad Miami police officer was photographed sporting a protecting mask with a pro-Trump expression at a ballot site in Government Center Tues morning. The backlash from his department was swift, according to Miami herald.


Miami police Officer, shown the exposure denote on social media, aforesaid Officer Daniel Ubeda would be disciplined, tho’ precisely however had not been determined.

Whether Ubeda was operating or on his thanks to voting himself wasn’t now clear. however, this was: His temporal order was notably dangerous. The one that saw and photographed him was Steve Simeonidis, chairman of the Miami-Dade party.

Simeonidis police officer, who works downtown, aforesaid he was passing through Government Center once he noticed Ubeda “well within” the 150-foot barrier that police and non-voters aren’t allowable under state statute throughout an election. “He could are about to vote. however, he was fully uniform with the mask and a gun.

That’s citizen intimidation,” Simeonidis aforesaid. Simeonidis aforesaid Ubeda “laughed it off’ when he was questioned regarding the mask. Deputy police officer Ron Papier aforesaid he spoke with Chief Jorge Colina in which the “appropriate disciplinary action” is going to be taken against Ubeda. “Obviously this is often a transparent violation of our department policy concerning effort whereas on duty,” Papier aforesaid. “Additionally, the mask has offensive language, that is additionally a violation of department policy.” The mask scan “Trump 2020” and “no additional bulls—” on its front.

Intimidation at the polls has been a giant issue this election cycle, with the divisiveness and sometimes violence that has broken out at events and dueling protests between President Donald Trump and his competition former vice-chairman Joe Biden.

And the Miami police, whether or not on-duty or not and just like the public, aren’t allowable among a hundred and fifty feet of a polling web site unless they’re choice. Guns also are not allowable, hid or otherwise, tho’ there are exceptions to the statute for police.

On Monday, Miami politician Francis Suarez and Miami police officer Jorge Colina declared they were deploying plain-clothed officers close to choice sites when receiving a curiously great deal of emails and messages from voters who they aforesaid were upset regarding violence and intimidation at any of Miami’s four choice sites.

Also Monday, an on-duty Hialeah police officer was noticed standing along with his armed crossed at the doorway to the President of the United States Library, the city’s largest choice web site. when seeing the exposure Associate in Nursing election official aforesaid she known as workers at the library and also the officer had touched on.« Back 

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