After meeting at the JYP Entertainment building, Yugyeom and Jinyoung met with their fans to talk about their upcoming GOT7 comeback and give some hints, Youngjae trends

1. GOT7 Jinyoung and Yugyeom comeback

GOT7 Jinyoung says he's jealous of Youngjae character in his drama, Yugyeom share comeback details
GOT7 Jinyoung says he’s jealous of Youngjae character in his drama, Yugyeom share comeback details

AHGASEs around the globe remained in for a surprise when Jinyoung, as well as Yugyeom, linked to a V Live program to welcome their fans and disclose some details concerning the songs they are preparing, as well as whatever fans can anticipate for the return.

The broadcast took place inside JYP Entertainment’s practice session areas and also initially featured a special visitor look from Jackson, that briefly swung throughout the display prior to leaving.

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Yugyeom as well as Jinyoung explained that they have been getting ready for a very long time and found out a lot since the efficiencies are a bit harder this time around. They recognize that followers are eager for their return however asked to wait a little much longer, so the comeback could be until December.

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Yugyeom, that is the main professional dancer of GOT7, stated that from his viewpoint the brand-new song is emotional but powerful. Although he always considers that the group’s choreographies are generally made complex, it has a special energy. Also, the dancing has some stylish steps and they must use their necks a lot to perform the actions.

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Followers think that throughout this V Live, both idols provided some spoilers with the motions of their hands that seemed to be sending messages, such as when they continuously put it over their heart, the minute when Jinyoung counted his fingers without pointing out specifically what. he was describing as well as when Yugyeom aimed at Jinyoung while his hands changed positions, however, we will just understand the fact when the new album is launched.

On this program, the singers as well as participants of GOT7 commented that they have actually prepared many performances and also lots of tracks, therefore stirring up the enjoyment of their followers for what they will see in the following resurgence.

Numerous participants of the group held real-time programs just recently, formerly it was Jackson Wang that demonstrated how much he likes his fans.

2. Jinyoung and Youngjae Trending

Youngjae said he gave a spoiler when he was playing the piano… and yugyeom was off-screen when he did it but I think they mentioned the heart as a spoiler too… powerful sentimental??? tough choreo??
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