Donald Trump plan to send millions of senior citizens a $200 prescription savings card has run into problems amid accusations that he is trying to buy votes.

Trump_ 'vote-buying claims' after the effort to send prescription drug discount cards before election
Trump_ ‘vote-buying claims’ after the effort to send prescription drug discount cards before election / Credit: (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

Donald Trump strategy to send out numerous senior citizens a $200 prescription cost savings card has actually run into problems amid accusations that he is attempting to utilize taxpayer money to acquire votes in the election.


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‘votes-buying claims’

It is currently unlikely that the proposal can be accomplished by Political election Day.

Democratic legislators state the timing of the plan is politically encouraged and also are doubting whether the federal government has the authority to order what would certainly amount to billions of bucks of Medicare spending, without legislative oversight.

Agents Frank Pallone of New Jacket and also Richard Neal of Massachusetts, as well as Senator Ron Wyden of Oregon, charged the head of state of acquiring enact a letter to Wellness as well as Human Solutions Secretary Alex Azar questioning the legitimacy of the plan.

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In response, the White House suggests that Medicare can lawfully send out the price cut cards under its authority to carry out “presentation programs” to examine originalities.

The $200 would evaluate if additional cash made senior citizens most likely to remain on their medicines and also prevent expensive hospitalizations.

However, legislators compete that it is not an examination to send cards to practically every Medicare recipient because of the lack of a control group with which to contrast the outcome of the “test”.

Not including management expenses, the plan would set you back taxpayers $7.8 billion, which would certainly come from Medicare’s Supplemental Medical Insurance policy Depend On Fund.

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Nevertheless, this spending has actually not been approved by Congress as well as was it to go ahead, it would establish a criterion that would certainly enable future administrations to invest similar quantities with no oversight.

The Associated Press reports that a White House official had no comment on the status of the prescription cards, which Trump revealed with a grow on 24 September throughout a health care speech in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Management and also legislative authorities state that the wondering about the proposal has bogged down a review of the plan by companies and also divisions that would be responsible for executing it.

When he introduced the concept, Trump promised that the cards would be in the mail within weeks, permitting 33 million Americans to save $200 off the cost of copays on prescription medicines.

Officials state the real number of qualified Medicare receivers is closer to 39 million.

The news came as a shock to those agencies charged with executing the program, and specialists stated that while the cards may aid individuals a bit, they do nothing to address the trouble of high prescription drug prices.

In 2016, Trump recommended that Medicare must bargain drug costs, but he has given that withdraw that strategy. Joe Biden has currently occupied the suggestion.

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