Tattoo artist Matt Pehrson took to Instagram to show off his latest piece of art – tattoo ideas rose and butterfly tattoo and fans can’t wait to see what looks like 

Tattoo artist Matt Pehrson insane optical illusion 'looks like a giant hole in his head'
Tattoo artist ‘Matt Pehrson’ followers dubbed it the “most insane optical illusion” (Image: @mattpehrsontattoos/Jam Press)

A tattoo artist has left social networks individuals frustrated after inking an extraordinary optical illusion tattoo on the back of his client’s head.

Tattoo artist Matt Pehrson, that works at the Zion Tattoo Business in Utah, most likely to brand-new extremes in his most current job, with a “ridiculous optical illusion” he developed for his good friend Ryan? According to Mirror.

Tattoo artist Matt inked a collection of thick lines on Ryan’s hairless head diverting inwards to the back of his head.

Tattoo artist Matt Pehrson followers dubbed it the "most insane optical illusion" It's incredibly clever (Image: @mattpehrsontattoos/Jam Press)
Tattoo artist ‘Matt Pehrson’ followers dubbed it the “most insane optical illusion” It’s incredibly clever (Image: @mattpehrsontattoos/Jam Press)

And with the help of some brilliant shielding tricks, Matt took care of to make it appear like a large gaping hole – as well as tattoo fans can’t get enough.

The picture, which was originally published on his Instagram account back in April where he has over 65,800 followers, recently received increased interest.

Matt stated: “Did an insane point on my friend Ryan today …

” We have a whole lot delegated finish on his dome. What do you all think about a piece such as this?”

Because sharing the breeze it has actually gotten greater than 11,400 sorts, and hundreds of comments applauding his job.

One stated: “Literally resembles he has an opening in the rear of his head divine s *** excellent task.”

An additional added: “OMG that looks fantastic!!!!”.

Meanwhile, a 3rd composed: “This is one of the craziest visual fallacy.”.

Ryan hasn’t finished his tattoo trip with Matt right now, yet with numerous fans advising him to post a picture of the “end product,” we expect to see one soon.

With a vibrant shark on his neck, and also an additional visuals design on his holy place it’s feasible that Matt will sign up with every little thing up.


  1. The illusion will only work in real life if viewed from from the same angle as seen in the image.
    but he is a great tattoo artist for sure

  2. I have 19 tattoos all of them but 1 have a meaning like 6 of them are on my right arm and shoulder all in honour of my father who died from gulf war syndrome when I was 11.
    Then another on my back for my mum I lost her when I was 16.
    Then 3 for my children that are no longer here and others are for my fight and survival from domestic abuse & violence
    And the 1 that’s not got a meaning is my candy skull it’s not even 3 to 4 inches big and its pretty.
    Now I don’t regret any single one and ill love them forever.


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