Mark Rober an American designer, former NASA employee get out in the first round against Gibi in Trivia Competition for not knowing the word ‘Gangnam Style’

former NASA employee Mark Rober lost against Gibi in Trivia Competition in first round for not knowing how to spell Gangnam Style
(Randy Holmes/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images) JIMMY KIMMEL, MARK ROBER

1. Who is Mark Rober?

Mark Rober (birthed: March 11, 1980 [age 40], Is an American designer, former NASA employee, Inventor, and also YouTuber best understood for his preferred science-related video clips, useful do-it-yourself gadgets, as well as innovative ideas.

Among his even more popular creations consists of a bundle burglar glitter bomb trap and an automatic bullseye dartboard. In October of 2019, he and also fellow YouTuber MrBeast began the campaign #teamtrees to raise sufficient cash to plant 20 million trees by 2020. An objective that was later finished within 2019.

As a designer, Mark Rober invested nine years dealing with NASA, with 7 of those years spent working with the Curiosity wanderer at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Research laboratory which is currently on Mars.

Rober left NASA in June 2013 when he entrusted to seek “Digital Dudz”, a variety of Halloween costumes that incorporate mobile apps with apparel, which after that he offered to Morphsuits, for two years. As of just recently, he was presented with an opportunity to return to his Engineering origins to do some ideation sort of work for a tech firm near San Francisco.

Rober is also the host of a popular science TV show on the Science Network called The Quick As well as The Interested.

2. Mark Rober lost against Gibi in Trivia Competition Trending on Twitter


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