The oxygen supply system has fallen short in a component on the ISS yet the team is in no threat, Russian space firm Roscosmos said

Part of the ISS oxygen supply system has fallen, But, Everyone Is Safe Russian space
Part of the ISS oxygen supply system has fallen, But, Everyone Is Safe / Credit: Artsiom Petrushenka _ Shutterstock

The oxygen supply system on the Zvezda component on the orbital lab fell short late on Wednesday yet a 2nd system on the American section is running usually, a Roscosmos speaker told AFP.


“Absolutely nothing intimidates the protection of the crew and the ISS,” stated the representative, including this repair to take care of the issue, would certainly be performed on Thursday.

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The concern occurred after three new staff – 2 Russian space cosmonauts and an American astronaut – reached the ISS on Wednesday to bring the number of the existing team aboard to 6.

The problem is the current incident on the ISS – whose very first component was launched over twenty years back in 1998 – after the staff in August spotted an air leakage aboard.

Roscosmos emphasized as the leak was not significant and also posed no threat. However part of the problem was finding exactly where it originated from.

The team believes that they have actually now found the resource of the leak. The Roscosmos agent said that they would certainly get precise instructions from mission control to accomplish future work with the trouble.

The priced estimate by the RIA Novosti news agency, professional Russian cosmonaut Gennady Padalka claimed that the Russian devices aboard the ISS were well past its use-by date.

“All modules of the Russian sector are tired,” stated Padalka, who holds the world record for many days invested precede.

He added that the devices need to just be used for 15 years whereas it was currently 20 years old.

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