Kanye West tweeted a video which showed him walking up to someone recording with a phone camera to show them the fake Kentucky election results on his phone in disbelief

Did Kanye West retweet fake election data? To show himself ahead of Trump and Biden
Kanye West (Photo by Brad Barket/Getty Images for Fast Company)

Kanye West, who is running for the governmental bid this year tweeted out adjusted election results which revealed him ahead in the race in Kentucky contrasted to the significant candidates on the ticket– President Donald Trump and also Autonomous governmental nominee Joe Biden.


The rap artist shared a screenshot credited to NBC’s LEX 18 that showed Jo Jorgensen, who is a competing president under the Libertarian Event ticket in starting point. West was seen as No 3 in the screenshot. West was adhered to by Biden in 4th place and Trump in the last position. In place of the inscription, West just offered the vast eyes emoji.

The tweet was identified by Twitter as “adjusted media”. This was complied with by a variety of tweets by West, all of which carried the warning sign positioned by the social media sites system to let visitors know that the facts in the tweet were inaccurate.

” GET THE WEST WING PREPARED !!! … this is how I really felt when I saw that Kentucky pole outcome,” West tweeted, which revealed him stalking somebody recording with a phone camera to reveal them the phony Kentucky political election results on his phone in shock. He additionally retweeted a post from SOHH which had tweeted out the exact same wrong screenshot with the inscription, “YE 2020 AFTER ALL? Kanye West is leading Joe Biden and also Donald Trump in Kentucky precinct voting polls.”

All these tweets had been slapped with alerting labels. West also tweeted, “PEOLE (sic) ATTEMPTED TO TALK ME OUT OF OPERATING FOR HEAD OF STATE … NEVER LET WEAK CONTROLLING PEOPLE KILL YOUR SPIRIT.”


LEX 18 responded to Kanye’s tweets, clarifying, “Someone found a cached internet link that we utilized throughout June’s primary election to publish Associated Press election results. The old link was still populating current AP information and also revealed examination outcomes, which belongs to the prep work the AP performs in the development of elections. The outcomes shown were not legitimate. They were just part of a test. We are sorry for the exploration of the cached web link as well as have eliminated the information from that web page. We apologize for any confusion.”

Nancy Cox, a press reporter with LEX18, included that the phony results West shared were sent “to make certain systems are working.” Cox continued, “It’s an automatic point that is posting election outcomes on our web site. Sorry visitors. Sorry, Kanye west.”

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