A hairdresser Rachel Serafini has gone viral on social media after sharing a shocking video showing why it really is worth spending a little extra money on hair care products specially Shampoo

Hairdresser 'Rachel Serafini' Shows why you should never buy Cheap Shampoo
US President Donald Trump’s hair / AFP PHOTO / JIM WATSON (Photo credit should read JIM WATSON/AFP via Getty Images) / Hairdresser ‘Rachel Serafini’ Shows the secret

After spending a tiny ton of money to have your hair coloured and also cut, the concept of turning over any more of your hard-earned cash money for products to maintain your delicious locks could be excruciating.


Yet one specialist hairdresser Rachel Serafini has revealed why it will deserve it over time.

Stylist and beauty salon proprietor Rachel Trach from the United States shared a video on social networks clarifying why you ought to by expert beauty salon shampoo and conditioner if you can.

The video clip reveals Rachel performing an experiment on coloured hair extensions, making use of two different kinds of shampoo – Unite 7 Sec Shampoo which sets you back ₤ 19.95 as well as Tresemmé’s 24-hour Body Shampoo, which is ₤ 5.24 for 900ml at Boots.

In the clip, she has 2 cups of water and adds a press of the shampoos per.

the hairdresser mixes them with a spoon, prior to adding a hair extension that has been colored a deep color of purple.

First she positions an expansion in the glass with the Unite shampoo as well as gives it a wash. The water transforms a hazy, grey colour as she does so.

Hairdresser's shampoo experiment shows why you should never buy cheap products
She added a different type of shampoo to each glass / The Tresemme shampoo was seen to strip the colour out of the hair extension(Image: Facebook)

Rachel Serafini after that repeats this step with the Tresemmé cup and within seconds the colour has leaked out of the strands, transforming the water lively purple.

Rachel Serafini She captioned her blog post: “Did my very own little experiment. Professional Beauty Salon Item VS. Medication store product.”

Her video clip has actually gone viral, gathering 17,000 comments and being shared over 78,000 times.

Numerous were surprised by the outcomes, with a single person writing: “No surprise my hair is like it is.”

An additional said: “Oh my god!”

A 3rd branded the whole point “crazy thanks Rachel Serafini for the advice”.

Someone else responded: “Ohhhhh that misbehaves.”

A fifth joked: “Divine cow. So imma demand to purchase some actual hair shampoo from you.”

Nonetheless, others weren’t persuaded by the experiment, with some declaring they would certainly make use of cheap hair shampoo for several years and never had any type of troubles.

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  1. 90% of expensive “salon professional” shampoo’s are made from the exact same ingredients as the cheaper ones. In our salon, the wife uses Osmo products which are not expensive at all (cost more as buy larger quantities at a time but works out same price ml for ml as the ones from the chemist/supermarkets). The worst products to use are the 2-in-1 shampoo/conditioner combinations as the “conditioner” part stops the shampoo from actually cleansing the hair by coating it first! If she had used the Tresemme COLOUR protection shampoo (same cost as the Tresemme one she used), then the extension would not have lost the colour. This is why there are shampoos for dyed hair & normal non-dyed hair, in the same way that there are products for greasy hair & blonde hair which will be best for the type of hair it is used on. This is just a way for her to flog overpriced products she has in her salon to her customers to profit out of them more than a lot of salons do for colours & ladies cuts anyway!

  2. Firstly, you don’t really need to wash your hair; secondly, your body naturally produces oils to cover the hair; thirdly, shampoos wash away your natural oils; fourthly, the oil is not for washing, but to calm the psiorsis skin, and finally, some shampoos do actually contain oil.

  3. I TREAT myself to tresemme on rare occasions as i dont think £4 per bottle is cheap. I couldnt get any shopping last week as i only had £34 in my bank and that has to last me until i get paid on the 26th (feeling very sorry for myself now). So to be advised to spend that LITTLE extra has to be declined by me. Wash and go it is.

  4. As “convincing” as many may find this to be, seeing is not always believing!! You don’t know what’s in each of those bottles, you don’t know how long ago those pieces of hair were dyed… TRESemme I have found several times, being used in hair salons and although I don’t use the brand myself, I don’t think this kind of experiment is “scientific proof” that hair colour is going to come out to that extent, unless you have literally just dyed your hair and then of course colour will run. That’s irregardless of what shampoo you use!!

  5. means is if you have coloured your hair, the cheap stuff will strip out the colour whilst the salon quality shampoo won’t. It wasn’t an experiment to see which cleans out other pollutants, just to show which shampoo is colour-safe. Not exactly ‘pseudoscience,’ as it’s already well known better quality shampoos are generally better for coloured hair, what without the sulfates and such.


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