Meowth Pokemon GO players who want to complete today’s Limited Research can find every task and reward for the event listed right here, Shiny, Galarian, And Alolan Forms

Meowth pokemon go Limited Research Day_ Timed Research, Shiny, Galarian, And Alolan Forms - All Tasks and Rewards
Meowth pokemon go Limited Research Day_ Timed Research, Shiny, Galarian, And Alolan Forms – All Tasks and Rewards (Photo by Tomohiro Ohsumi/Getty Images)

Well, this one really crept up on me. The autumn event may have just started yesterday in Pokemon GO, but today we’ve also got Meowth limited research day, a sort of event we haven’t seen for a little bit on this day.


And while Meowth pokemon go might seem like sort of an odd choice for limited research, it’s actually a sort of a fun one due to its preponderance of regional forms: it gets both a Galarian and Alolan form, as well as the unique evolution Perrserker for its Galarian form. Here’s what you need to know about this quick little event:

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Start/End Times: Meowth pokemon go Limited Research runs from 8:00 AM local time to 10:00 PM Local time on Saturday, October 10.

How Does it Work? This event has been a bit of a moving target, so may be best for a refresher. In this incarnation, the entire event revolves around a giant, 20-step long timed research that only works during this time.

The steps are all pretty easy, and nearly all reward the same thing: an Alolan Meowth pokemon go, along with a smattering of other items for the step rewards.

I went out and spun a few Pokestops and didn’t get any event research, so it does not seem like that is a part of this event. Silph Road has the complete steps, but most are pretty uninteresting, and designed to move pretty quickly. Silph Road has the full steps if you want to look there: they come in sets of twos.

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Alolan, Kanto, and Galarian: On Twitter, Niantic refers to this as Meowth limited research day, but it can be better understood as Alolan Meowth limited research day. Nearly all the steps reward an Alolan Meowth, with only two steps giving away Kanto or Galarian forms. In total, you’ll wind up with 60 Alolan, 2 Galarian, and 6 Kanto.

Shiny: Shiny Alolan Meowth has a duskier color that it carries over to its Persian evolution. Shiny Kanto Meowth is a very subtle shift: just a little bit of a deeper hue. I don’t believe Shiny Galarian Meowth is available yet, but regardless you’re going to be totally focused on Alolan this time around.

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