Kevin Swearingen daughter, Charlee, will be eased back onto a ventilator as she fights the COVID-19 in a Houston hospital hours ago, Now Kevin Daughter is stable and resting.

Kevin Swearingen asking for prayers as his daughter battling COVID-19 is placed on ventilator again, Lumberton Father Update her health Condition
Kevin Swearingen posted on Facebook that his daughter Charlee’s lungs “are still full of gunk” as doctors at Texas Children’s Hospital use chest tubes to drain blood and fluid from around her lungs, While ago he posted on his facebook that charlee health condition is now stable and resting / Credit: Facebook Kevin Swearingen

HOUSTON, Texas– A Lumberton papa whose teen child is fighting COVID-19 in a Houston health center is requesting more petitions after an additional problem, According to Wtlo.


Kevin Swearingen uploaded on Facebook that his child Charlee’s lungs “are still packed with crud” as medical professionals at Texas Kid’s Health center usage chest tubes to drain pipes blood as well as fluid from around her lungs.

Texas Children’s Hospital changing COVID-19 visitor policy after Kevin Swearingen pleads to see ill daughter ‘Charlee Swearingen’

” In doing so, her white blood cell count went down by fifty percent,” Swearingen uploaded. “The liquid and blood was around the lungs not letting them broaden.”

Lumberton father kevin Swearingen is currently receiving extracorporeal membrane layer oxygenation (ECMO). Swearingen says doctors will slowly wake Charlee and also ease her from ECMO and back on a ventilator by the end of the week to see just how her lungs manage it, the article stated.

” They require that to occur to obtain the unpleasant things out of her lungs,” Swearingen Lumberton father added. “Now, they can’t obtain those things out and the medicine in. So this is a big step and also an extremely important week. I’ll be praying hard today for my Charlee girl.”

kevin Swearingen went practically a week in September without seeing his child face-to-face as a result of the visitor plan at Texas Children’s Health center in Houston. That policy just enabled one site visitor in, so Swearingen’s wife was the only one by their child’s side while see fought the dangerous disease on a ventilator in ICU.

” I can not picture what’s she thinking, you recognize,” Swearingen stated. “My child or my wife.”

Lumberton father Swearingen made psychological appeals on social networks to see that policy changed to ensure that he could see his unwell daughter. After those social posts, and many records by 12News, Texas Kid’s Healthcare facility changed its site visitor policy allowing Swearingen to be reunited with his little girl.

Kevin Swearingen daughter Condition At This moment

Kevin Swearingen: Charlee is resting good. They have nothing planned for her today other then resting. Let her little body heal / Facebook
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