How dare you! Pomeranian pup becomes a viral sensation with angry protest after his owner pranked him by putting just two biscuits in his bowl

Angry pup Pomeranian pup Pao
Pomeranian pup Pao, from Thailand was outraged when his owner Janeiza put him on a ‘diet’ and only poured two dog biscuits into his bowl

A hungry Pomeranian has ended up being a viral sensation with his extremely unhappy objection after his proprietor tried to place him on a diet regimen.


Janeiza, from Thailand, shared her prank on Tik Tok, showing what happened when she fed her Pomeranian pup Pao only 2 dog biscuits.

The furious family pet could be seen sending his food dish flying with a dissatisfied grumble after he realized he was not getting even more food.

The video clip exploded online and also has been enjoyed more than 19.5 million times.

In the brief clip, Janeiza, who was recording, cleared a portion of canine food in a plastic cup.

This looked like the regular portion Pao would be getting for his lunch.

However, the naughty dog owner decreased the part of food up until there were only kibbles left in the cups, which she gathered Pao’s empty food dish.

The delighted Pomeranian could be seen patiently awaiting his lunch, tongue casually hanging around of his mouth, resting by his dish.

Initially, the pet dog did not know he was being pranked. When he saw the percentage of food Janeiza has poured into his bowl, he recalled at her as well as stood still, awaiting extra.

Nonetheless, when the added food really did not come, the puppy pounded his with his paws, sending it flying airborne, and snarled madly.

On the other hand, Janeiza could be listened to laughing frantically.

The video went viral on Tik Tok, with lots of liking the quantity of mindset Pao was offering to his owner.

Janeiza filmed herself pouring some dog food kebbles in a plastic glass, but reducing the portion until there were only two left 

Some additionally stated they can not quit making fun of just how rapidly the Pomeranian ended up being loaded with the craze.

‘The method he gradually sought out is sending me in oblivion.’ one stated.

‘I’m dying I can not breathe,’ stated an additional.

‘The method his soul was slowly full of rage.’ observed an additional.

‘Pao: are you joking human,’ one joked.

‘I’ve never seen so much attitude,’ one created.


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