Sir Maejor Page accused with certain things, Page was investigated based on a complaint filed with the FBI in April, alleging that he was using his ‘Black Lives Matter of Greater Atlanta’ BLM GA nonprofit fraudulently

Who is Sir Maejor Page? Atlanta BLM activist used $200,000 in donations to buy guns, house, and tailored suits / Credit: _ Shutterstock

TOLEDO, OHIO: Tyree Conyers-Page, likewise referred to as Sir Maejor Page, an Atlanta-based lobbyist, was jailed on Friday, September 25, after authorities said he used more than $200,000 in contributions intended for the BLM motion on customized suits, guns, and a home in Ohio.


Page was charged with one matter of cable fraudulence and also 2 counts of cash laundering.

Page, 32, as per the FBI Cleveland Division, was examined based on a problem submitted with the bureau in April, alleging that he was utilizing his “BLM of Greater Atlanta” (BLMGA) not-for-profit fraudulently.

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Investigators supposedly found that the company was accepting financial contributions on social networks and GoFundMe.

” Numerous videos and also Livestream videos were posted to Page’s individual social media sites web pages showing himself in what seemed recently purchased clothes, hotel rooms as well as workplace in Atlanta,” the FBI said in its launch.

“Several audio declarations are made by Web page in the videos flaunting regarding the cash he has actually, his customized matches, his nice cufflinks as well as ‘$ 150 dollar connections.'”.

Agencies associated with the examination supposedly included the Workplace of United States Lawyer’s Office Northern Area of Ohio, FBI Detroit as well as Atlanta departments,

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UNITED STATE Marshals Service, Homeland Security, Traditions as well as Border Protection, Lucas Region Prosecutor’s Workplace as well as Lucas Region as well as Monroe County constable’s workplaces as well as Atlanta, Dekalb, Georgia, Toledo, Sylvania as well as Oregon police divisions.

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, between April 2018 and also May 2020, the BLM of Greater Atlanta’s balance never went beyond $5,000; as soon as, the equilibrium supposedly went as reduced as -$ 12.42. Contributions,

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however, began boosting in the consequences of George Floyd’s death by Minneapolis authorities. The group apparently increased nearly $470,000 in between June and August.

As per NBC, the BLMGA social media web page obtained approximately $36,493.80 well worth of contributions in June, $370,933.69 in July, and also $59,914.69 in August. The funds were transferred to an account that was possessed and run by the Web page.

According to the FBI, Page purportedly responded to exclusive messages online, assuring contributors their money would be used to fight for George Floyd and that all funds were for “movement-related expenses”.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported that in between June and August, however, Web page presumably made use of a debit card connected to the account to buy food, enjoyment, customized suits as well as a brand-new safety system.

The page additionally presumably invested $112,000 on a home as well as the surrounding whole lot in Toledo, Ohio. In addition, he also purportedly transferred contributions right into his personal account to purchase a gun and 2 rifles in September.

The 32-year-old has actually been charged with spending greater than $200,000 in contributions with “no recognizable purchase or expense for social or racial justice,” the FBI stated.

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Following this, in a statement, an agent for GoFundMe said the business has removed fundraising accounts connected with Page and the BLM of the Greater Atlanta organization.

The web page has been prohibited from utilizing the GoFundMe platform in the future, and also refunds are being provided to donors that request them.

” GoFundMe has actually acted to ensure you can no more start a GoFundMe for BLMGA. PayPal has also confirmed BLM GA has been gotten rid of from its database,” the statement checked out. “

Projects with misuse are extremely rare, and we take all issues very seriously. Our group is working with law enforcement and also helping them in the examination.

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